Cleaning Essentials Starter Kit

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A well-designed & modern kit to help spruce up your home with ease. Enjoy 5% off all essentials in the bundle + Free shipping. Add quantities for each item to save more!


Magic Self-Standing Reusable Wiper Mop

Pristine Interchangeable & Extendable Aluminium Rod

$8.60 (before discount)

In stock

Pristine 180° Rotatable & Extendable Broom

Broom Refill

Pristine 180° Window & Floor Wiper

Wiper Refill

Pristine Extendable & Bendable Duster

Duster Refill

Pristine 180° Tile & Window Sponge Scrub

Sponge Refill

Minimalist Pail & Bucket (3pc Set)

Absorbent Dinnerware Drying & Cleaning Cloth (3pc Set)

$5.90 (before discount)

In stock

Anti-Scratch Mirror & Glass Cleaning Cloth (2pc Set)

$6.80 (before discount)

Only 1 left in stock

Microfiber Home & Kitchen Cloth (2pc Set)

Easy Wash Bottle Scrub

$5.90 (before discount)

In stock

Easy Mop & Broom Wall Holder


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