Allure Luggage Organizer (8pc Set)


With a lovely design coupled with unique features, our Allure Luggage Organizer is certainly a travel essential that you’d love! Its lasting material and soft-to-the-touch quality ensures that it is the most thoughtfully-made premium organizer. The Allure Luggage Organizer comes in a 8-piece set, allowing you to organize your clothes, shoes, toiletries, beauty essentials and more – isn’t it an all-in-one package? Bring it along for your next trip today!

It comes with:

  • 3 x Clothes Organizers for shirts, dresses, tops and bottoms
  • 1 x Shoe Bag for foot wears
  • 2 x Draw-string pouch for cosmetics, toiletries and beauty essentials
  • 1 x Undergarment organizer
  • 1 x Zippered pouch for digital gadgets and accessories

Featuring patterns like Cactus, Feathers, Cats, Goats, Flamingo and more


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