Premium Pattern Luggage Organizer (7pc Set)


Classy with a unique design, our Premium Prints Luggage Organizer (7pc Set) allows you to travel in style without the clutter! Light and compact, these organizers allows you to maximise your luggage space! A true essential item for every trip! Select your favourite design and say goodbye to messy luggages today!

Promo: FREE Shoe Bag for every purchase! (Total 7 pieces) Design of shoe bag will be provided based on stock availability.

Exterior: Quality Splash-proof Polyester material

Comes with: 

  • 3 x Packing Cubes for clothes and larger items
  • 3 x Pouches for beauty essentials, digital accessories, undergarments and smaller items
  • 1 x Shoe Bag for footwear, shoe laces, and socks