Comfy Inflatable Travel Pillow

$5.90 $5.50

Unlike other air pillows (usually given as freebies), our Comfy Inflatable Travel Pillow is designed with comfort and portability in mind! It has a removable and washable fabric exterior that makes this cushion as comfy as your very own bed pillow! One unique feature of this pillow is that it has a pocket at the side to hold small essentials like your phones, powerbank, earphones and more! Besides, it is ultra portable: simply deflate, fold and slide it into the ziplock bag provided and you are good to go! Have a restful trip today!


  • Soft fabric exterior which is removable and washable
  • Small pocket for small essentials


  • Inflatable air pillow (simply blow into it!)

Come with:

  • 1 x Ziplock Pouch for added protection