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Too big for my small cabinet space, but I still like it.

Very good

My first aid box for emergency, and my medicine box when I’m feeling under the weather. Neat and tidy. Not too cluttered.

Very nice

See through box easy access to my med, always can’t find when I need them, as all in clinic plastic bag strewn everywhere. Carton box recycled to be used for putting stuff. Happy unwrapping.

Repeated buys

Bought both the wide and thin, ready to store my stuff. Looks neat. One con is difficult to remove when all stacked together in carton trying to pull out till the plastic all tears and still stuck. Thankfully no crack after some pull and tug and compress.

Abundance removable cushion

Love the vibrant colors and it matches my sofa set .

Auspicious Wind Chime

Love the unique design .

Versatile storage bin

Went to Style degree studio on 6 Jan 23 and sought the advice of their staff on how to keep my husband and my working bag packs in one place instead of placing in different parts of the house. The staff suggested using this canvas storage bag and showed me different sizes for me to consider. I eventually chose the medium size which is sufficient for both of our working bag packs and even have space for me to place my common use bags as well. Truely thankful for the staff's recommendation. I highly recommend to go to their studio open house at least once for storage ideas as well as advice on what items are suitable for your house.


Now everything neat. This is the more expensive one, that comes with the tiny screw driver, looks very nice when all fixed up and good to use.

I’m loving it

Wow looks nice and neat, it’s for my mom, may get one more after trying out and see whether she likes. Easy to install, though the tiny screw driver when turning the bottom keeps scratching against the standing rod.

Earthly Kids Stackable Chair Stool
M.L. (Tampines New Town, SG)
Colourful and functional

Ordered these stools for a DIY sand art stations for the kids. The stool is very stable and the kids had fun playing with the sand-art. The kids can even stand on the stool.

klear storage bin with lid

love that it’s clear and you can see the contents easily


very nice looking and keeps my pantry items so neat and easy to look for. comes with labels as well

very nice

super love the turntable and makes accessing my condiments so much easier

great product

useful to keep all my samples in sight so i will not forget to use them


very aesthetic and hides all the ugly wires

neat and tidy

love how it keeps all my cables organised and in one place


helps keep my items in my drawer organised


keeps my ziploc bags neatly and no need to keep the original packaging which takes up a lot of space

instantly organised

creates an organised and neat look in my fridge and can easily group items according to categories

organised drawers

the drawer dividers are very useful and easy to use, creating neat compartments instantly!

Very good

I need to clear my shoe rack now having these clear boxes, all click here and there finally got all assembled. 8 boxes enough for me as a reminder not to get more than what the boxes can fit. Discard all the empty shoe boxes, as all take up space and unsightly.

Love the squeeshish feel n shape!

Used in the wall behind my glass toilet door! Fits just right and love the texture! Super satisfied just to press on it too 🤣

Utensils & Cutlery Drawer Box (With Lid & Drainer)

Great buy. Keep spoons and forks neatly.

Clarity Self-Rising Tissue & Mask Box
Atalie Goh (Singapore, SG)
Transparent Tissue Box

I bought it because it comes with easy open cover and keeps my tissue paper away from dust. Highly recommend.

Good collapsible basket

I recently bought this and have been having it for the last week. Very sturdy and good material. Highly recommend. Fit HDB common toilet perfectly