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Style Degree, The Business Times Weekend Feature, Home Essentials Singapore, Home Organization Essentials Singapore, Home and living Singapore
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Design Your Own Kitchen & Desk Organizer
Meixi Gan (Singapore, SG)
Neat and organised

Just the right size for loose kitchen tools - can opener, fruit peeler, grater, wine bottle opener, etc. My utensils drawer is neater now.

Clarity Customisable Drawer Organizer
Meixi Gan (Singapore, SG)
Neat and organised

The mini square is just the right size to store my little packaging clips from Ikea. They're no longer in a messy pile in my drawer.

Slim Cabinet Organizer
Meixi Gan (Singapore, SG)
Neat and organised

Well made and sturdy. Wheels are a nice addition for convenience. Deep enough for me to store a frying pan and a few small bowls

Clarity Dinnerware Organizer
Meixi Gan (Singapore, SG)
Neat and Organised

Serves its function although i wish the grooves were a little taller - plates don't stay upright unless the holder is full.

Versatile Towel Rail Wall Holder
Victor Tan (Yishun New Town, SG)
Towel holder

The towel holder is what I am hunting for locally as I the previous one was damage during transport from China.
Receive the item in good condition and is the exact size I want.

Cables storage box

Love how it keeps all my cables neatly and I'm able to shift the seperators. Would be better if the big size one came with lid

Came just as what I’ve expected. Simple design and easy to clean.

Instead of having all the books out, this is just nice to hold some books at my toddler’s play area, easy for weekly rotation.

Multi Purpose wall mount holder

Have not used it yet and i bought it as a back up option to mount power points. But from reviews and looks of it, should not disappoint. One annoying thing is to see everything printed in some unknown language. Come StyleDegree. Respect all your non chinese speaking or other language clients.

Tissue Multi Holder
K.K. (Singapore, SG)
Simple and practical use

My wife loves having this by the side of the bed. Useful and practical bedside multiholder.

Practical function

Easy to install and use. Can use for many purpose. Up to your creativity. I used it to hang some light display items too. Have fun.

All-In-One Nail Clipper Set
K.K. (Singapore, SG)
Travellers companion

A useful and must have for frequent travellers. Well build and the cutters are sharp. How durable? Only time can tell.

Practical Pedal Dustbin

A practical dustbin. Can hold large capacity fo rubbish to dispose. But one improvement is the internal part of the bin. The securing of the rubbish bag can be better. And the door, when stepping on the pedal, opens quite flimbsy. Doesn't give a solid build feel. Maybe its just me. Lolz. Overall a decent design and product.

Nature Absorbent Floor Mat
K.K. (Singapore, SG)
Good Floor Mat

A good floor mat that absorbs well. Does not slip when stepping out of the toiler either. Nice color combo.


I hanged my Scotch Brite mob, and yesterday heard a loud noise and found the whole thing dropped including the holder. Scrapped off my cabinet wall laminate.. Learnt a lesson better to mount on tiles. Now I mount it back maybe will hang lighter stuff. Damn scary middle of the night.

Functional Rack

Totally love the look of the rack. Installation was simple and the size was perfect for our storeroom. Thumbs up for the quality for the rack, worth the price.

Good and sturdy

Good quality and sturdy! Bought it to put outside the house but now it’s inside cause it looks too nice to put outside πŸ˜†

Ladder Clothes Hanger
N.A.A.A. (Singapore, SG)
Space saving and neat!

Love that my shawls are neatly arranged in my closet using these ladder hangers!

Simple display shelf

Love the clean look of this Scandinavian shelf! We used it to display toys collection and it can fit many more items! Love it! My insta-story says it all (:

Drawer & Shelf Trolley Rack
M.L. (Singapore, SG)
Perfect shelf trolley

I am able to sort the laundry items based on its categories. Very useful shelf trolley rack to have! My insta-story says it all (:

2-way deep storage box

Able to open from front and at the top - a plus points cause the inner items can be retrieved easily. I can store many assortment items, definitely a good buy. My insta-story says it all (:

Patterns Table Runner
C.N. (Tampines New Town, SG)
Pretty runner

Am absolutely delighted with the runners I bought! One for my coffee table and another shorter one for my side table. And a couple more for family members.

Clear Can Drinks Organizer
A.T. (Woodlands, SG)
Drinks Holder

Easy to use and can see all drinks at a glance. Fridge is neater too.

Twist & Turn Airtight Container
A.T. (Woodlands, SG)
So tidy!

Used it to store cereal.and oats. Airtight and tidy! Ordered another round of 8 pc!

Rattanly Round Mosaic Tray
S.F. (Tampines New Town, SG)
Gorgeous tray

Love this tray. Very pretty mosaic pattern and great value! It's perfect for my dining table centrepiece.

Worth waiting for

Waited for this on preorder. Was worth it! Sturdy heavy wood. Nice finishing. Easy to assemble.