Explore our most-loved designs in your home

Kitchen & Pantry

Freshly™ Vacuum Food Storage Container – Set of 4


Classy Fluted Airtight Rice Box


Klear Stackable Fridge Organizer Bins


Store&Slide™ Dinnerware Cabinet Organizer


Twist & Turn Airtight Container


Clarity Customisable Drawer Organizer


Extendable 2-Tier Microwave Storage Shelf


Store&Slide™ Under Sink Storage Organizer


Closet & Laundry

Aluminium Portable Clothes Drying Rack


SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board & Cover Refill


Ladder Clothes Hanger


Basic Non-Damaging Clothes Hanger (10pc set)


Extendable Wardrobe & Cabinet Shelf Divider


Stackable Modular Wardrobe Drawer


Sunshine Foldable Laundry Wall Holder


The Scandinavian Washing Machine Laundry Rack


Bins, Boxes & Baskets

Clear Multi-Purpose Storage Bin


Extendly™ Storage Organizer Bin


Canvas 2-Way Opening Foldable Storage Box


Canvas Viewable Pull-Out Bin


Clear Multi-Purpose Storage Drawer


Essentials Storage Bins


Fresh Dehumidifier & Odour Remover


Viewable & Collapsible Storage Box



Chalk Adhesive Label (Rectangle)


Customisable Vinyl Label Sticker


Location Switch Sticker Labels (BLACK)

Retro Portable Label Maker & Printer


Entryway & Living

Gaia Shoe Storage Bench


Adjustable Height Shoe Rack Organizer


Easy Stackable Shoe Box Organizer


Extendly™ Shoe Rack Organizer


Desk & Drawers

Extendly™ Adjustable Drawer Divider Set (Large)


Extendly™ Adjustable Drawer Divider Set (Small)


Gaia Stackable Stationery & File Organizer


Mix & Match Stackable Desk Organizer



Labelled Travel Luggage Organizer (8pc Set)

Multi-Functional Foldable Travel Bag


Easy Travel Tubes With Pouch (3pc Set)


Clear Vacuum Travel Luggage Organizer (9pc Set With Pump)


Compressible Travel Packing Cubes


Document & Travel Mesh Zipper Bag (3pc set)


Expandable Bag-in-Bag Organizer


First Aid & Medicine Travel Organizer



Kurve Bathroom Wall Holder


Minimalist Diatomite Absorbent Floor Mat


Twist & Lock Suction Pad Hanging Hook


UV Toothbrush Steriliser Wall Holder



Multi-Head Electric Spin Scrubber


Anti-Scratch Mirror & Glass Cleaning Cloth (2pc Set)


Multi-Functional Mini Cleaning Brush


Pristine 180º Floor Scrub