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What goes into a Freshly™

Finest Food Grade Certified Materials

Materials used for the entire container are FDA and LFGB Certified - the highest food safety standard in the world. Free of BPA, BPS, lead and cadmium.

The Container

Made with premium high borosilicate glass that is oven, dishwasher and freezer safe with heat resistance between -20 to 500°C.

The Lid

Made with durable ABS with a matte finish that is mould resistant. Dishwasher & freezer safe.

Innovative Food Storage

An upgrade over the standard container. Your trusty companion for all kinds of food.

Easy-to-use vacuum pump

Hands-free, cordless and quick. Keep food fresh up to 50% - 300% longer.

Date dial for assurance

Built in date dial to keep track of storage date. Shows both day and month.

Stackable lids

Allows for space maximisation in the fridge. Grooves along the sides for safe stacking.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Perfect for frequent usage

Removable silicone seal ring

Easily detach and clean the ring, eliminating the risk of trapped food particles and promoting hygiene. Once cleaned, snap back on lid easily.

100% Dishwasher safe

Both container and lid (place on top rack) are completely dishwasher safe for convenience. For the electric pump, wipe with clean cloth.

Nesting design

Save precious cabinet space when not in use. Retrieve with ease.

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How We Compare


Regular food storage

Other vacuum storage

Extends freshness


Quick electric pump



Lid with date dial



Removable hygienic lid lining



Space-saving & stackable containers 



Certified freezer, dishwasher, oven, microwave, airfryer-safe glass 




Why should I vacuum seal food?

There are plenty of benefits!

Food stays fresh longer. This allows you more time and flexibility when it comes to cooking and meal prepping. It reduces food wastage, the biggest waste stream in Singapore.

Flavour of the food is locked in. This is especially true for most fruits and meats, resulting in tastier and more enjoyable meals. It creates a 100% airtight seal that protects food from freezer burn and bacteria growth.

Prevents bad odour. Exposed food may cause odour to build up in your fridge. Leftover durian smell or the smell of rotten produce flooding your fridge? Goodbye to that.

How long does food last in Freshly™?

In general, Freshly™ helps food to last up to 50% to 300% longer as compared to traditional storage methods. This is because the vacuum seal helps to remove air and oxygen, which are the primary factors contributing to food spoilage. That's also why durian sellers vacuum seal the king of fruits when you buy them!

It is also dependant on several factors such as:

  • Type of food stored
  • Its original freshness and initial germ count at the time of sealing
  • Storage conditions (Fridge, freezer, or room temperature)
Any food precautions to take note?
– Do not vacuum seal hot or warm cooked food. Let them come to room temperature before vacuum sealing it.

– There are some food items such as raw mushrooms, unpeeled bananas, soft cheeses that should not be vacuum sealed. For instance, mushrooms are aerobic organisms, which require oxygen to thrive. Unpeeled bananas naturally produce ethylene gas, which is a ripening hormone. Vacuum sealing can trap this gas inside the package, leading to faster ripening and potentially overripe bananas.

– Unpeeled garlic cannot be vacuum sealed. However, vacuum sealing peeled garlic is possible to reduce the oxygen available for bacterial growth and helping to preserve the garlic. Ensure that peeled garlic is dry before sealing it.

– Slice apples before vacuum sealing, soak it in salt water or add lemon juice on it to prevent it from browning.

Should I repeat the vacuum process often?

1 cycle of vacuum pump per container is sufficient. The electric pump will detect when the inside of the container is in an optimal vacuum state and will auto stop.

 Do not repeat the vacuum cycle more than once and avoid over-vacuuming the container.

How long does the vacuum seal last?

In general, the vacuum seal should last between 1-3 weeks. Do note that over time, some fruits and vegetables produce natural gases that may result in a loss of vacuum conditions.

Does opening the lid frequently affect the freshness of the food, despite having it vacuum sealed previously?

Yes, once food is exposed with air, the freshness deteriorates. We would recommend to vacuum seal the container as quickly as possible once you open the lid.

Where can I use Freshly™?

Freshly™ is suitable in:

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Microwave (remove lid)
  • Oven (remove lid)
  • Airfryer (remove lid)
  • Steamer (remove lid)
Can I use Freshly™ to store liquids and soups?

 Yes you can. However, do only fill up to three quarter of the container space to allow the lid to sit securely and to prevent the vacuum pump from absorbing any liquids. The vacuum pump may be damage from liquid suction.

If liquid is inhaled accidentally, press the top button to stop the suction. Do not turn the vacuum pump upside down but rather shake it gently from side to side. Try to remove as much moisture from the pump as possible.

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