Meet the most space-saving & convenient ironing board for the modern home.  

SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board & Cover Refill


SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board


SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board Cover


Size of a Cushion

Small Footprint. Big Features. SmoothGlide™ folds up to an unbelievably compact size. Perfect for stowing away in small spaces such as cupboards & closets.

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Easy storage and access

Comes with holder to mount on wall or cabinet door

Space-saving design

Self-standing and slim profile for storing in tight cupboards & countertops

Iron storage compartment

Collapsible caddy to store iron. Hides away cable mess too.

Unfolds in Seconds. Magically.

Set it on the coffee table, floor, countertop - or wherever you like. Iron out the creases effortlessly and enjoyably.

Extendable iron rest

Provides a safe and secure spot to place iron during ironing sessions.

Non-slip folding legs

Come with rubber paddings. Twist to adjust height to reduce wobbles.

More than just a Cover

SmoothGlide™ cover is thicker, more durable and smoother to help you conquer those creases.

2x thicker materials

The cover is up to 2 times thicker then normal cover - making it extra durable.

Ironing surface

Made with 100% cotton for breathability and better heat dissipation, reducing chances of burnt marks.

Padded underside

Made with 100% felt polyester for sturdiness.


How should I maintain my SmoothGlide™?

Our ironing board cover is easily removed for cleaning or replacing. 

To clean, hand wash by soaking in mild detergent water (about 1 tablespoon) for 15 minutes and rinsing it with clean water after. Do note that it is not machine washable.

How often should I replace my SmoothGlide™ cover?

This depends on a couple of factors such as:

  • Frequency of Use: If you iron clothing frequently, the cover may wear out more quickly.
  • Ironing Habits: The temperature and pressure at which you iron can impact the lifespan of the cover. Excessive heat or pressure can cause the cover to deteriorate more quickly.

Generally, it can last up to 1 year. We recommend getting the Ironing Board & Cover Refill set for more savings!

How can I hang it on the wall or cabinet door?

We provide accessories such as hanging hook, screw and butterfly for easy mounting. Every SmoothGlide™ comes with instructions on wall mounting as well.

How We Compare


Regular ironing boards

Space-saving & iron anywhere

Collapsible iron holder


Smooth, breathable & thicken cover

✓ 10mm thick

✕ Usually 5mm

Replaceable cover

✓ Saves money


Easy to store. Self-standing & comes with wall-mount 


Save $5

With every Ironing Board & Refill Set.