Deflate the mess. Inflate your space.

Lasting. Time Saving. Multi-Purpose.

Here's our extraordinary take on the ordinary storage bag.

ClearVacuum Vacuum Storage Bag travel wardrobe electric pump Style Degree

Let's Compare


Other Bags

Built to last. Thicker with 5-year leak-free guarantee.

Certified non-toxic materials

Rounded edges for added safety

Capless valve. No need to screw pumps.


Hands-free electric pump & ergonomic hand pump

Erasable writing area


Tested water and dust-proof for better protection


In greater detail

5-Year Quality Guarantee.
Invest in lasting materials.

  • Double the thickness of standard bags. Enjoy our 5-year guarantee on bag leakage. See FAQ below.
  • European grade & certified non-toxic. Perfect for children & long term storage.
  • Rounded edges to prevent paper cuts & for added safety

More Space-saving.
Tested to save up to 75% of space.

  • Electric pump or ergonomic hand pump for tighter compression
  • Bag with double zipper and sealing clip
ClearVacuum Vacuum Storage Bag travel wardrobe electric pump Style Degree

Erasable writing area.
Easy identification.

  • Well-positioned with special coating
  • Write using permanent marker
  • Erase by applying hand sanitiser and wiping using tissue

Capless Valve.
Easy sealing & opening.

  • Say good-bye to losing caps, especially while traveling
  • No screwing in required
  • Hands-free while using electric pump
ClearVacuum Vacuum Storage Bag travel wardrobe electric pump Style Degree

4 Practical Sizes.
Select individually or get a comprehensive set.

  • Suitable for travel luggage or home wardrobe
  • See size recommendations below (under FAQ)

Save on Sets


Select Individually


Which vacuum bag size should I get?

Please view our size recommendations below!

  • Small (40 x 50cm)
    • 1-3 tees or shorts
    • 1 small soft toy
    • Small accessories (scarfs, ties, gloves)
    • 1-3 Children clothes
  • Medium (50 x 70cm)
    • 3-5 tees, shorts or winter inner wear
    • 1-2 dresses
    • 2-3 jeans
    • 1 winter jacket
  • Large (60 x 80cm)
    • 2-3 winter jackets
    • Bedding (blankets, quilts, pillows)
    • 5-6 sets of children clothes as hand-me-downs
    • Bags
  • Extra large (70 x 100cm)
    • 4-6 winter jackets
    • Long jackets or dresses
    • Multiple soft toys
    • King or queen-sized bedding
    • Bags
Should I go for the hand or electric pump?

Both has it benefits!

The electric pump is a modern way of vacuuming. It needs no effort and is faster than the manual hand pump. Small and nifty, it's easy to store and good for traveling.

The hand pump is light and needs no charging. Use it any where, any time. We recommend using your hands to press out the air from the bag before using the hand pump to finish the compression.

How long can the bags stay vacuumed?

The exact time varies depending on the items stored. A good estimate would 6-12 months.

With better valve, double zippers and thicker materials ClearVacuum™ bags are designed to last up to 2-3 times longer than normal bags.

While vacuumed & sealed, the bags are water and dust-proof.

What does the 5-year guarantee cover?

With ClearVacuum™, you can store with a peace of mind. Our 5-year guarantee covers the bag's valve and zipper mechanism. 

Should the valve or zipper be defective, causing the bag to be unable to stay or be vacuumed, we will replace the entire bag within 5 years of the purchased date.

This does not cover wear-and-tear or accidental damage made to the bag such as cuts, holes, stains and creases.

Please note that the electric pump comes with a 1-year warranty, covering the pump mechanism. 

Shipping costs for replacement may be incurred.

How do I care for my ClearVacuum™ bags?

To clean bags, simply wipe them with a wet cloth or wet wipes. Alternatively, you may soak them in light soapy water.

To dry, wipe them down with dry cloth. Then air away from direct sunlight.

Each vacuum bag set comes with a zipper bag for easy storage and sorting.