Closet & Laundry

Welcome to your wardrobe wonderland. Discover space-saving hangers, undergarment storage and laundry baskets. Our range is designed to conquer closet clutter and make laundry day a breeze.

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Grande Sliding & Stackable Drawer Rack


Grande Spacious Open Wardrobe (With Drawers)


Grande Under Shelf Basket Organizer


Hanger & Clips Foldable Wall Organizer


Hanger & Pegs Wall Hanging Organizer


Hanger & Clips Organizer


Hanging Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber Bag (Set of 2)


Hanging Mesh Organizer


Honeycomb Customisable Drawer Organizer


Kids Collapsible Storage Box (With Wheels)


Kids Extend & Stack Clothes Hanger (10pc Set)

Large Laundry Peg & Clips (3pc Set)


Laundry Clothes Peg & Clips (Set of 24 With Box)


Laundry Mesh Bag With Labels (6pc Set)


Minimalist Collapsible Wash Basin Bucket


Multi Hook Closet Hanger


Multi-Rod Foldable Laundry Wall Holder


Multi-Slot Clothes Organizer