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Magnetic Whiteboard Label (6pc Set) Labelling Set With Marker Style Degree Sg Singapore
Toughly Storage Bin (With Magnetic Label) Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Work Study Desk Holder Style Degree Sg Singapore
Magnetic Whiteboard Label (6pc Set)

Our Magnetic Whiteboard Label (6pc Set) is perfect for labelling storage containers and bins! The labels features an easily writable and erasable front surface.  For non-magnetic surfaces, use a double sided tape to stick the label! Besides, this set also comes with 1 whiteboard marker with magnetic holder and an eraser cover.

  • Comes with 5 labels and 1 whiteboard marker
  • Rear magnet surface for easy sticking on magnetic surfaces

  • Dimensions: 8x3cm
  • Material: whiteboard writing surface

Scroll down to the “Best Together” section to see items that has magnetic surfaces perfect for these labels!


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Sun & Air Mesh Hanger Hangers Dryer Laundry organizer Style Degree Sg Singapore
Sun & Air Mesh Hanger Hangers Dryer Laundry Organizer Soft Toys Toy Undergarment Lingerie Style Degree Sg Singapore
Sun & Air Mesh Hanger

Our Sun & Air Mesh Hanger is the perfect accessory for sunning your clothing, undergarment, lingerie, soft toys and more! Coming in an easily foldable design, this hanger helps to save space when not in use. Get your essentials sun-kissed with us today!


  • Double hook to prevent falling due to strong winds
  • Quality breathable mesh material for hygienic airing
  • Foldable design with elastic band to hold it in place

Dimensions: View image gallery for detailed dimensions


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Wire & Cable Tie Organizer (20pc Set)
Wire & Cable Tie Organizer (20pc Set)
Wire & Cable Tie Organizer (20pc Set)

Tired of tangled & damaged wires? Coil your wires into neat bundles and tie them up neatly using our Wire & Cable Tie Organizer (20pc Set)! Pair it with our Clarity Cable Storage Box (With Dividers) for easy sorting.

  • Extend cable tie to increase the length for thicker cords
  • Easy to use & reusable
  • Prevent cables from damaging

  • Dimensions: view image gallery
  • Item weight: 17g
  • Material: nylon, PP


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