Greens & Rice Strainer


Whether you are a salad lover, a vegetable advocate or someone who simply wants a hygiene way of washing, our Greens & Rice Strainer is a must-have for your kitchen! This light-weight strainer features pores which allows excess water to drain while washing rice, fruits or vegetables. Isn’t it easy to keep your cooking ingredients clean and hygienic?


  • Water pores for easy washing & draining
  • Light-weight yet sturdy
  • Rear holding handle for improved ergonomics


  • Regular: 21cm (max diameter) x 12cm (H)
    • For rice, cherry tomatoes, grapes or other smaller food items
  • Large: 27cm (max diameter) x 17cm (H)
    • For lettuce, multiple apples, broccoli or other larger food items

Set Promo: Save 6% when you purchase a 2-piece promo set! (each set comes with 1 regular & 1 large)