Laundry & Service Yard

From collapsible laundry baskets to smart drying hangers, these essentials help maximise your Service Yard & make Laundry no longer a chore.

Gaia Detachable Laundry Hamper Basket

Gaia Laundry & Shopping Bag


Gaia Magazine Storage Basket


Gaia Spacious Carry-All Bag (With Sling)


Hanger & Clips Foldable Wall Organizer


Hanger & Pegs Wall Hanging Organizer


Hanger & Clips Organizer


Hanging Mesh Organizer


Large Laundry Peg & Clips (3pc Set)


Laundry Clothes Peg & Clips (Set of 24 With Box)


Laundry Mesh Bag With Labels (6pc Set)


Minimalist Collapsible Wash Basin Bucket


Multi-Rod Foldable Laundry Wall Holder


Portable S Hook & Clip Hanger (6pc Set)


Pristine Retractable Laundry Hanging Rod


Pull & Slide Slim Kitchen Rack

Retro Laundry Powder Storage Container (With Scoop)


SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board Cover


Space-saving Collapsible Mop Rectangle Bucket


Starter Kit: Laundry

From: $144.33

Sunshine Foldable Laundry Wall Holder


The Scandinavian Washing Machine Laundry Rack


Toughly Wall Holder (With Hanging Bar)


Triple Compartments Laundry Basket (With Wheels)