Laundry & Service Yard

From collapsible laundry baskets to smart drying hangers, these essentials help maximise your Service Yard & make Laundry no longer a chore.

Multi-Tier Laundry Basket (With Wheels)


Aluminium Portable Clothes Drying Rack


Gift Set: SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board


Minimalist Pail & Bucket (3pc Set)


Multi Clothes Stand With Laundry Basket


Scandinavian Washing Machine Magnetic Rack


SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board & Cover Refill


Adorable Kids Toy Storage Basket


Pillows & Plushies Mesh Hanger


SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board


Sun & Air Mesh Laundry Hanger


2-Pair Stackable Shoe Dryer Hanger


3-In-1 Stackable & Rollable Laundry Basket


Canvas Slim Laundry Basket (With Wheels)


Cleaning Sticker Labels

Collapsible Portable Hanging Laundry Basket

Daylight Foldable Drying Hanger


Daylight Slim Drying Hanger (8 Clips)


Double Layer Pants Hanger (Set of 5)

Easy Hanger & Pegs Wall Holder


Easy Pour Food Sealing Clip


Everyday Detergent & Laundry Powder Container


Everyday Laundry Cleaning Scrub


Extendable Towel & Quilt Dryer Hanger