Laundry & Service Yard

From collapsible laundry baskets to smart drying hangers, these essentials help maximise your Service Yard & make Laundry no longer a chore.

Hanger & Pegs Wall Hanging Organizer


Hanger & Clips Organizer


Hanging Mesh Organizer


Large Laundry Peg & Clips (3pc Set)


Laundry Clothes Peg & Clips (Set of 24 With Box)


Laundry Mesh Bag With Labels (6pc Set)


Magic Socks Laundry Hanger


Minimalist Collapsible Wash Basin Bucket


Minimalist Stackable Shoe Dryer Hanger


Multi Clothes Stand With Laundry Basket


Portable S Hook & Clip Hanger (6pc Set)


Pristine Retractable Laundry Hanging Rod


Pull & Slide Slim Kitchen Rack

Retro Laundry Powder Storage Container (With Scoop)


Space-saving Collapsible Mop Rectangle Bucket


Starter Kit: Laundry

From: $144.33

The Scandinavian Washing Machine Laundry Rack


Toughly Wall Holder (With Hanging Bar)


Triple Compartments Laundry Basket (With Wheels)


Washing Machine & Dryer Laundry Ball (4pc Set)


Weaver Laundry & Toys Storage Basket