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5 Home Decluttering & Organizing Methods To Inspire You

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Ready to start an organized and clutter-free life but unsure of how to get started with it?

Fret not, as we will help you get started in minutes! Apart from Marie Kondo’s Konmari method which we have summarized in our “5 Simple Steps To Decluttering – The Japanese Way“, here are 5 best home decluttering and organization methods that have been proven to work too.

As long as you are willing to give them a shot, we can assure you that each method is certainly doable. Start taking simple steps to be organized, and be on your way to a clutter-free life.

1. The 4-Container Method

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Image Source: Pretty Handy Girl

This easy-to-follow method helps you to get started immediately. First of all, dig out 4 empty boxes you can find in your home and label them with the following headers: 

Container 1: Trash

Purge items that you do not want and that can neither be sold or donated.

Tip: Line your box with a garbage bag so that you can tie and discard them once you are done sorting.

Container 2: Donate Or Sell

Pick a charity organization that you are willing to support and ask if they do accept donations in the form of used clothes, old books etc. Think about how much joy your clothes can bring to the underprivileged children!

Also check out on StyleMag: Ultimate List of Places To Donate in Singapore

If you are willing to go the extra mile of renting a flea booth to sell your items, and liaising with buyers, then go ahead and sell your items! Ultimately, it is your decision to choose whether to donate or sell your items – do what speaks to your heart the most.

Tip: As you sieve out this pile, store them in an extra luggage foldable travel bag you can find at home. This helps in moving them around easily.

Container 3: Storage

2-Way Opening Underbed Storage Box With Wheels Roller Rollable Style Degree Sg Singapore

Ft. 2-Way Opening Underbed Storage Box (With Wheels) 

For seasonal items such as your winter coat, and thermal wear, store them away in storage boxes. As you wouldn’t need them frequently, group all of these together, and label the boxes to keep you reminded of what is inside.

Storage bags with a see-through portion in the middle are especially useful if you don’t have the habit of labeling them. They are also extremely spacious, so all your thick winter wear can be kept inside them.

While stowing them away, look through and discard those that have worn out.

Container 4: Keep

As the organization guru, Marie Kondo has iterated in her decluttering tips, ask yourself if the item sparks joy in you when deciding whether to keep it.

You can also ask yourself other questions such as “Do I feel confident wearing it?”, “Have I worn it in the last few months?”, “Is it a wardrobe staple for me?”

Pristine Undergarment Organizer Box Lingerie Garment Compartment Partitions Grid Wardrobe Closet Clothing Storage Style Degree Sg Singapore

Ft. Pristine Undergarment Organizer Box

To ensure an organized closet where your smaller essentials are kept neatly and easily retrievable (yes to no rummaging!), utilize closet organizers to keep your undergarments and lingerie in place.

Congrats! Now that your items are sorted into distinct piles, you are definitely clear on how to handle each pile better.

2. The 21 Item Toss Every Month

Image Source: ClutterBug

Adapted from ClutterBug, this decluttering method aims to make getting rid of unnecessary and unwanted items a priority. From the list above, choose one item to toss out a day for 21 days.

Remind yourself that less is more, by removing things that you don’t love, use or find beautiful, you will be able to see the things you do love much more easily.

3. Time Yourself

Retro Batteryless Magnetic Kitchen Timer Timer Countdown Vintage Kitchen Timer Magnetic Retro Kitchen Timer Clock Kitchen Cooking Essentials Style Degree Sg Singapore

Ft. Retro Batteryless Magnetic Kitchen Timer

It is common to feel restless and distracted while tidying up, resulting in a decluttering session that drags on for days. Counter this by setting up a timer and steering away from distractions during it. 

Work towards removing clutter as much as you can (challenge yourself to that!). And you will soon realise that you can get rid of things fast when you have put your mind to it!

Tip: Pace yourself, set short timings (eg. 15 minutes) each day, and be consistent. 

Don’t rush into trying to get rid of your clutter in one day. Listening to music while decluttering could help you to stay relaxed too. 

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4. Time Capsule Box

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Image Source: ClutterBug

Designed for people who are hesitant to let things go because they simply have this notion of “It may still be useful someday!” or that some things have sentimental value.

It may be your child’s baby clothes that he/she has already outgrown it. If you are facing this issue and yet hope to reduce clutter, you could store all these items in the box labeled with an expiration date.

This fun method helps you to overcome the barrier slowly and prevents unnecessary clutter.

5. The One-Minute Rule 

Collapsible Portable Hanging Laundry Basket Versatile Extendable Wall Mount Multipurpose Bag Bathroom Clothing Towels Hangers Clothes Peg Storage Organizers Home Essentials Style Degree Sg Singapore

Ft. Collapsible Portable Hanging Laundry Basket 

If you have a bad habit of not putting things back to where they came from, keep this in mind. The one-minute rule.

Simple things such as putting your clothes in your laundry basket only take less than a minute to accomplish. So, don’t leave things lying around in random spaces at your home when you can easily put things back after use!

Each individual has their own organizing style. Only you know what kind of organizing system and methods work best for you. If any of the methods resonate with you, try them out and be on your way to a happier and more organized life.

Let us know if the comments below which method worked well for you, we would love to hear your experiences!

If you need a little help in keeping your home neat and tidy, check out our range of home essentials for your closet, desk and more!

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