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Top 3 Travel Destinations in May & June!

Looking forward to taking that much deserved break this May/June Holidays? Well, we’ve got you! Whether you are planning to travel with your lovely significant other, friends or family members, here are 3 travel destinations that are truly popular over the May/June holiday. In this post, we weigh the pros and cons for each destination, with hopes that it can help you make up your mind for your summer’s travel destination!

#1 Taiwan

Also known as the land of night markets, Taiwan makes our list for having a all-in-one package. There is simply something for everyone (yes cliché, but true) –  making it perfect for a family or friends trip!

If you want to enjoy sumptuous food, Taiwan’s night market is simply unbeatable with its trademark 鸡排 (pronounced as ‘Ji Pa’ or fried chicken cutlet), 珍珠奶茶 (‘zhen zhu nai cha’ or pearl milk tea) and 蠔煎 (‘hao jian’ or oyster omelet). If there is a shopping soul within your travel gang, the rows of clothing boutiques at ‘Xi Men Ding’ or ‘Shilin’ will satisfy your wardrobe cravings. Lastly, if you are seeking breathtaking sceneries, Qing Jing Nong Chang (a beautiful mountainous region in Taiwan) and Taroko (enjoy a unique rocky valley view) are perfect get-away places to enjoy a restful holiday. Oh yes, did we mention that all these can be done with in 4-5 days for a perfect trip?


  • Comprehensive range of activities
  • Relatively affordable air tickets and travelling expenses
  • Great food and shopping paradise and wonderful spot for a relaxing retreat.


  • If you’re going in mid-June, Taiwan’s summer might be hot and sometimes unbearable.
  • Might face overcrowding if going during May/June peak periods.

Things to consider:

  • Do you speak Chinese of have a Chinese-speaking person travelling with you? If not, language might be a slight barrier though most Taiwanese are able to speak basic English.

#2 Australia –  Perth

The land of kangaroos makes our list simply because it offers an escape haven from Singapore’s humid weather! Though we haven’t been physical there before, through our extensive research, we would certainly want to be there this June! The temperature hovers at delightful temperature of about 10-20°C. It is a huge plus if you are able to drive – road tripping along the Margaret’s River is a wonderful experience as you are able to watch whales emerge from the pristine ocean (only available in June!). Not to mention, you will get to stop over at plenty of cafés and wineries that is rare to find elsewhere!


  • Able to enjoy refreshing winter weather in June with just a couple of flight hours away
  • Favourable exchange rates (as of May 2017) would mean cheaper expenses in Australia


  • Relatively pricier air tickets
  • Shops and business close early, so there are limited activities after dinner time

Things to consider:

  • Are you able to drive? Perth is best experienced when you are able to road trip to major sightseeing spots
  • Try to book an entire house/chalet via platforms such as Airbnb. It is more cost effective and you are able to plan for a must-try Australian barbecue!

#3 Thailand – Bangkok

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Photo Credits: Viator

When it come to shopping, Bangkok certainly makes it to the top of our list – from weekend markets (Chatuchak Market) to floating markets (Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market), this city can truly be a shopper’s dream. But shopping aside, Bangkok also allows you to enjoy authentic and tasty Thai food at a fraction of the price in Singapore. You may choose to get juicy grilled seafood along the roadside or enjoy a variety of dishes at a Thai restaurant in CentralWorld – both are great options that we recommend!


  • Probably the most wallet-friendly option out of three – in terms of flight tickets, accommodations, food and travel expenses
  • Well-rounded experience but Bangkok is ranked lower in terms of nature and scenery as compared to Taiwan (in our opinion)


  • Large number of scammers who over-charge prices
  • Ranked lowest in terms of safety out of the 3 – just be extra careful of your surroundings and wear simple clothing

Things to consider:

  • Are you travelling in late June? If so, you might face the onset of the monsoon season!

Which holiday destination are you heading to this May/June? Let us know your choices in the comments below!

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