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Top 4 Travel Packing Must-haves

After retailing literally thousands of travel products, today, we crown the top 4 travel essentials which are considered must-haves! Handy, user-friendly and durable, these travel organizers are no doubt anyone’s best ‘travel buddies’ for an organized trip.

#4 Foldable Travel Bags

Coming in at number 4 is Foldable Travel Bags! Versatile and beautiful, they work like magic at times.

The magic comes from how these foldable bags are compact when folded and yet, spacious when opened. Whenever you need an extra storage (for your souvenir shopping loots 😉), simply unfold them.

Most of our foldable bags comes with a slot at the back, allowing you to secure it onto your luggage handle easily. Avoid any instances where you travel bag keeps sliding off your luggage!

Explore our range of Foldable Travel bags here.

#3 Toiletries & Cosmetics Pouches

Our collection of Toiletries & Cosmetics organizers claims the third spot! By storing your daily essentials neatly into a toiletries organizer, it makes your morning/night-time routine a breeze. With a hanging hook inside it, simply hang the organizer on bathroom doors for easy retrieval.

As for ladies, dolling up and snapping Instagram-worthy shots during your travels are a must isn’t it? Ladies love bringing along their makeup and skincare essentials with the help of our Travel Makeup & Beauty Organizers.

Each organizer comes with dedicated compartments for brushes, moisturizers, sunblock etc., making it easy to store everything you need into just one organizer!

#2 First Aid & Medicine Organizers

We can’t stress enough the importance of travelling with medication for common cold and fever, as well as simple first aid essentials such as plasters, medicated oil. With a handful of medication to bring along, it can get messy. Utilizing First Aid Travel Organizers is a simple way to have your medication organized neatly.

If you are concerned that medical organizers might take up too much space in your luggage, go for the hand-held option instead! For families, opt for our Large First Aid Pouch to contain your medical essentials.

#1 Luggage Organizers

And, the top award goes to… none other than our Luggage Organizers series!

Perhaps you have already own one of these organizers yourself. But if you haven’t, you have got to give them a try!

Usually coming in a set of 6 pieces, our luggage organizers are one of the most effective and value-for-money travel essentials. To learn how to use them the right way, follow our Guide To Packing Using Travel Organizers. 

Start keeping luggage neat, clean and accessible for your travels.

And… we have something for you!

We know that packing for travels can be a hassle sometimes. And there are instances where you might be absent-minded (that moment when you realise that your passport isn’t with you 😨).

Fret not! To help with this, we have our exclusive Style Degree Travel Packing List available for download so that you can keep track of everything you need. Download our exclusive winter packing list & summer packing list.

What are your favourite travel essentials to bring along for your trips? Let us know in the comments below!

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