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9 Gorgeous Fluted Glass Interior Ideas For Singapore Homes

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Currently a trend in interior design, fluted glass is glass with vertical grooves, also known as ribbed or textured glass.

Looking to incorporate fluted glass in your home? Read on for various interior design ideas! 

Why Is Fluted Glass So Popular?

Its aesthetic and practical functions are both reasons as to why fluted glass is so popular amongst architects and interior designers.

If you want to make a dark room feel lighter, fluted glass will do the trick. Its translucency lets natural light in as a warm glow rather than a harsh glare.

For a slight element of privacy, the vertical grooves of fluted glass help partially conceal things hidden behind it. For this reason, this material would be great as a shower screen, or an office and bedroom divider.

1. Fluted Glass Room Separator

Separate Office & Bedroom/Living room

Especially for those who often work from home, this would make a great addition to a shared office and bedroom or living room space. Having fluted glass as a divider creates a sense of privacy for both rooms. 

Separate Kitchen & Dining Room

Looking into an open concept kitchen for your home? Consider incorporating fluted glass to separate the kitchen and dining room. While it gives the space an airy look, it also keeps kitchen fumes away from living and dining areas. It also helps hide messy kitchen clutter when guests are over!

2. Fluted Glass Shower Screen/Door

Add a unique and contemporary touch to your bathroom with either a fluted glass shower screen or a hinge/swing bathroom door.

3. Fluted Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Store kitchenware in fluted glass cabinets! Even with a messy interior, fluted glass can conceal the cabinets’ contents. Having fluted glass cabinets can easily lighten a dark-coloured kitchen as well.

Check out our special fluted glass homeware series below, featuring a classy rice box and a utensil holder. Simple ways to elevate your space!


4. Fluted Glass Sliding Wardrobe Door

Integrating fluted glass into your wardrobe is useful especially for those who have a hard time keeping their clothes organized. Besides obscuring clothes, a fluted glass wardrobe can also give the bedroom a more airy feel as compared to a solid coloured wardrobe.

5. Fluted Glass Sliding Doors For Service Yard

Need a classy way to hide hanging laundry in the service yard while still allowing light to enter? Fluted glass doors does just that. This design element is also suitable for separating balcony from the living room!

Tip: Paint the rims of your sliding door the same colour as your walls to have it blend seamlessly with the rest of your interior.

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6. Furniture With Fluted Glass Elements

Finding a unique way to jazz up your living room? Get furniture with fluted glass elements, like a storage cabinet or TV console. 

Tip: To make a room look bigger, opt for cooler colours for furniture, like blue, green or off-white!

7. Fluted Glass Skylight Or Windows

For mansionettes, penthouses or semi-detached houses, consider using fluted glass for skylights! Fluted glass lets natural light in less harshly with its translucency. This will give your home a warm glow. For HDBs or condos, having a fluted glass window will light your home up the same.

8. Lights With Fluted Glass Elements

Add a level of luxury by using fluted glass lights in your home! Perfect as a dining room light or bedroom night light.

9. Fluted Home Essentials

Ft. Tranquil Mini Flower Vase , Coastal Mug (With Handle), Coastal Stackable Bowl With Airtight Lid 

If you don’t want to make changes to your current home, you can try fluted glassware like mugs, and vases as well. Simple, yet tasteful!


Which fluted glass idea will you be using for your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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