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The Right Method To Fold And Store Your Bras

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If you’re tired of the mess in your undergarments drawer, you’re in luck — here are the right ways to fold and store your bras so that they last longer and will not ruin its shape.

1. Traditional Bras 

Store-bought or traditional bras come in fitted sizes and are usually heavily padded. They also have underwiring, unlike bralettes.

Safe keep store-bought bras by filing them in a bra organizer. This way, they won’t lose their shape. Use a separate drawer container to store accessories and other undergarment extras (eg. bra straps). 


Tip: Always clasp the back of your bras so that the hooks won’t snag onto other pieces or get caught in drawers.

You can organize your bras either by colour or style.

2. Bra-Underwear Set

Storing bra-underwear sets can help keep them from going lost in your closet. The tutorial shows how you fold them to create an undergarment set bundle.

3. Bralettes


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The main difference between a traditional bra and a bralette is that the latter has little to no padding, and is made of a soft material, typically lace or cotton. According to the video above, folding bralettes requires you to turn it on its underside and tuck in the straps so that the cups are inside each other.

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4. Sports Bras

Unlike traditional bras, sports bras are slightly bulkier and can take up excess space in your drawer if not stored correctly. The above tutorial shows you how to fold non-padded sports bras in a bundle.

It’s also recommended to store them vertically upright in storage boxes. These boxes should then be placed in a drawer to section-off different undergarment types.


Store padded bras next to non-padded bra bundles by tucking the straps.

Note: Folding padded bras can damage their shape.

How you fold and store a bra can greatly impact how long your undergarments last. With these tips, you won’t ever have to worry about their quality going awry ever again. Tell us down below which method helped you best!

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