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9 Cooking Hacks That Actually Work

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If you love cooking a storm up at home, here are some useful hacks (as seen on TikTok) that will make cooking so much simpler!

1. Soften Butter Quickly

Forgot to take butter out of the fridge to soften before cooking? Slice them into smaller cubes onto a plate and place them over a cup of boiled water.

2. Damp Towel Under Chopping Board


Kitchen Safety Tips! Use a wet towel to prevent your cutting board from slipping around as you prepare your food. #tiktokuniversity #tiktokkitchen

♬ Pure Imagination – Rook1e

If your chopping board slides around your counter as you use it, prevent this by placing a damp towel underneath!

3. Squeeze Lemons In Between Tongs

Say goodbye to straining your hands. Squeeze lemons in between a pair of tongs to get the most out of them! An easy yet practical hack.

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4. Bell Pepper Chopping Hack


Literally the best way to break down a bell pepper trust me it’s life changing! #cooking #knifeskills #cookinghack

♬ Jiggle Jiggle – Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

A much quicker way to chop bell peppers? Chop the stem end off and slice around the bell pepper! Saves you time, and gives you clean peppers to work with. 

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5. Dip Broccoli Head In Boiling Water Before Chopping


Is it a hack? Idk but it’s handy 🙂 follow for more food stuff ❣️ #foodhack #broccoli #cookinghack

♬ original sound – Montana ✨

Save yourself from a headache from cleaning up small bits of broccoli. Dip the broccoli head into some boiling water, this will keep the broccoli fragments together. Just do this and chop away mess-free! 

6. Crack Egg Over A Strainer For Poached Eggs

Cook up the best poached eggs by cracking your egg over a strainer first. This will help remove the liquid egg whites that create those unwanted wispies in your poached eggs.

7. Strain Pasta With The Strainer On Pot

Instead of pouring your pasta and water into a strainer, place your strainer on top of your pot and pour! No more being fearful of burning yourself. 

8. Garlic Peeling Hack

Peeling garlic can be so time-consuming, but not if you do it like this! Use a mixing bowl to smash a head of garlic into cloves. Then, shake the cloves within two mixing bowls and they’ll peel right off!

Another fast way to peel a whole bulb of garlic is to chop it in half horizontally and exert force onto each half using the flat surface of the knife.


9. Prevent Honey From Sticking To Your Spoon

Get all the honey off your spoon simply by first rubbing oil on it. The oil creates a barrier between the spoon and honey, and it won’t stick to the honey either!


Try these game-changing cooking hacks and thank us later! 

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