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A Guide To Laundry Care Symbols (+ A Cheatsheet For Homeowners)

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While you’re doing laundry, it’s usually by sorting out your clothes, putting them into laundry bags if needed, then putting them into the washing machine for it to do the work. Sometimes, you need to take a look at what the laundry care symbols say before making the decision to put your bundle in the washer.

Yes, they’re the small symbols tags hidden inside your tops and bottoms.

If you…

1. Never paid attention to their existence or

2. Have seen them, but didn’t know what they represent

Now’s your chance to actually know what these symbols mean, so your clothing will last longer!

P.S Save and share this infographic with your family and friends! Before you throw your laundry into the washing machine the next time, take reference from it

Infographic for Laundry Care, Laundry Care Symbols, Laundry Care guide, Style Degree, SG, Singapore, StyleMag

Laundry Care Symbols Infographics by Style Degree

To further clarify, the symbols that come with one line below them mean that the clothes have been chemically treated to resist wrinkling, and generally do not require ironing. It is important to put them through a permanent press cycle that will maintain the finish of the fabric.

Symbols with two lines below them mean that they have to be treated gently, opt for the delicate wash setting for such fabrics.

Also, you may be wondering about the differences between dry cleaning, wet cleaning, or steam cleaning. Here are some interesting facts to know about these 3 ways of laundry cleaning!

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning. Laundry Care, Laundry Care Symbols, Style Degree, SG, Singapore, StyleMag

Image source: Dry Cleaning

It doesn’t use water to clean your clothes, but instead used a liquid chemical called perchloroethylene to remove any dirt and staining. After this treatment, the clothes are put into a dry cleaning machine to tumble dry. One advantage of this process is that it will keep the original shape and sturdiness of thick materials such as gowns and suits.

Common types of clothes that should be dry-cleaned with a professional’s help include:

  • Evening dresses
  • Business suits
  • Winter overcoats
  • Vests

Dry cleaning is usually done professionally. If you’re looking to do dry-cleaning at home, you will need dry-cleaning kits in order to achieve the process. Even then, home dry-cleaning won’t be able to get rid of most stains and you’ll risk damaging your beloved garment.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning, Laundry Care, Laundry Care Symbols, Style Degree, SG, Singapore, StyleMag

Image source: Travel Fashion Girl

Also known as laundry washing, this process uses water, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and bleach to clean the fabric and give it a lasting scent. This is the common way of cleaning clothing, and can be done with the washing machine or with your hands. Because there’s water, the detergent and softener will be evenly spread, cleaning the garments effectively.

Steam Cleaning

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Image source: The Telegraph

This method does not use detergent or chemicals to clean your clothes, instead using only steam. Because steam cleaning usually tries to avoid using excess water or chemicals like the above 2 processes, it is considered an eco-friendly way to do laundry. Best of all, steaming gets rid of odour causing bacteria – a natural sanitiser you may call it!

Steam cleaning is often used for items you can’t dry clean or launder. Fabric you can steam clean include:

  • Silk/chiffon velvet (be careful when you steam them!)
  • Wool
  • Beddings
  • Pillows
  • Upholstery

With that, this is our guide to laundry care symbols and types of cleaning for your clothes. You can kiss your past days of messed up laundry sessions goodbye, and look forward to clothes that are not only washed better, but also longer lasting.

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