25 Unique Secret Santa Christmas Gift Ideas From Singapore Homegrown Brands

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Christmas is rolling around the corner once again, and it’s the season for secret santa gift exchanges between colleagues and loved ones!

If you are undecided on what to get, our Christmas Gift Guide with gifts under $40 will help you settle on a unique yet practical gift that will leave your Santee screaming with joy!

This Christmas gift guide is an extra special one as we’ve collaborated with numerous Singapore homegrown brands to bring you StyleFans exclusive discounts for the additional festive spirit, so keep an eye out for them!

Does your secret santee love…

Click on the different personas to navigate directly to the range of Christmas gift ideas.

For The One Who Loves Surprises

1. Presence Argentium Silver Snow Globe

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This beautiful snow globe by Presence will be the perfect accessory for your santee’s desk or room! Presence is a customisable gift store in Singapore that designs and makes snow globes for various occasions. Customise your santee’s name in the snow globe and leave him/her mesmerised. Opt for the base of the snow globe to be either in gold, silver, or black.

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a $10 off any purchase with code “STYLEDEGREE10” on Presence, no minimum spending required! Valid till 31st December 2019.

 2. The Novel Encounter Mystery Wrapped Books

If your santee is an avid book lover, the selection of mystery wrapped books from The Novel Encounter, a store started by a local published poet and author Adam Tie will be the perfect gift. There are different story genres to choose from, and if you know what your Santee likes, he/she will appreciate the surprise element to this gift! Special customisable typewritten poetry is also available, for an extra sentimental thought.

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 10% off any purchase with code “StyleDegreexTNE10” on The Novel Encounter, no minimum spending required! Valid till 31st December 2019.

3. Urban Li’l 3D Christmas Bauble

For the Christmas-obsessed friend, let him/her have a gift to remember with Urban Li’l’s personalised 3D Christmas Bauble! Founded by a Singaporean mum, Urban Li’l is a design studio with laser cut and printing capabilities, designing and producing customised decorative gifts locally. You can customise your Santee’s name in gold decal to make their Christmas tree show off its unique side!

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 10% off all ornaments with code “StyleDegree10” on Urban Li’l, no minimum spending required! Valid till 7 December 2019 as Christmas orders are closed then.

For The Coffee/Tea Lover

4. Style Degree Tea Infuser Glass Mug (With Lid)

Tea Infuser Glass Mug (With Lid) Cup Dinnerware Fruit Infuser Coffee Clear Mug Style Degree Sg Singapore

With our Tea Infuser Glass Mug, your friend can have his/her tea nice and warm! It has a strainer that helps filter out tea leaves, and extra debris for smoother drinking. Additionally, It’s made of durable borosilicate clear glass, which can withstand high temperatures. This mug also comes with a lid to keep beverages from losing heat, so even when it’s cold outside, it’ll still remain in the best toasty condition!

5.  Ette Tea Singapore Flavours Tea

Local flavours and tea? That sounds unbelievable, but Ette Tea has that combination! Ette Tea specialises in tea blends inspired by Singaporean and South East Asian tastes.Not only do they have the typical Earl Grey, they also have incorporated iconic dishes into their blends, like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Ice Kacang. This is a drinking experience your santee won’t forget!

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 15% off all regular items with code “STYLETTE15” on Ette Tea, no minimum spending required! Not to be used with other promotions. Valid till 31st December 2019.

6. Hook Coffee Advent Calendar

Singapore Christmas Xmas gift ideas, Christmas gift guide, Singapore homegrown brands, unique practical Christmas gifts, Style Degree, SG (Hook Coffee)

Your santee will fall in love with the daily surprises in Hook Coffee’s Advent Calendar! Containing 24 unique coffees in drip bags, they’re meant to be opened on each consecutive day leading up to Christmas Day. Starting from the 1st day of December, each day will feature a special blend! This calendar also comes with a poster and sticker set.

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 15% off all Christmas 2019 Bundles with code “stylemag15” on Hook Coffee, no minimum spending required! Not to be used with other promotions. Valid till 31st December 2019.

7. Kittea 2 Tea Tins Gift Set

If your secret Santee loves cats and tea, they will cherish Kittea’s 2 Tea Tins Gift Set! Kittea is a local brand founded by a cat-loving Singaporean who happens to love tea, too. This gift set has two customizable teas, with a selection of 12 flavours to choose from. It’s perfect for sharing during a catch up teatime session!

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 10% off any purchase with code “KITTEASTYLE” on Kittea! Valid till 29 February 2020.

For The Fashionistas

8. The Ordinary Co Christmas Grab Box

If your santee likes minimalist jewelry, but you can’t decide what exactly to get her, this surprise Christmas Grab Box from The Ordinary Co can do the trick! The Ordinary Co believes that jewellery is a necessity in life, so they aim to make pieces that are unparalleled. The Christmas Grab Box will contain 3 surprise items, which your santee will only what they are when she receives it, and that makes the gifting more fun!

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 10% off all items excluding Custom Jewellery and A Little Less with code “StyleDegreexTOC” on The Ordinary Co with a minimum spend of $30.00. Valid till 31st December 2019.

9. Oak N Style Confetti Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings

If your santee has a more colourful taste, this pair of Confetti Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings from Oak N Style will suit her and make her the life of the party at social gatherings! Lovingly handcrafted by Oak N Style, they have a backing made of stainless steel so it’s sturdy and durable.

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 15% off all items with code “STYLEDEGREE15” on Oak N Style. Valid till 7 December 2019.

10. Wet Tee Shirt Super Chiobu T Shirt

Image source: Wet Tee Shirt

For the santee who likes humour and strutting their stuff, this ‘Super Chiobu’ shirt from Wet Tee Shirt will make a hilarious gift! Incorporating a Singaporean twist to the original branded products, they’re comfortably designed yet eye-catching streetwear. Your santee will appreciate the compliment (on the shirt, that is). There’s also another matching version for guys, called ‘Super Yandaokia’!

For the one who loves self-care

11. Oasis:skin Organic Aromatherapy Oil

Your santee will definitely need a day off for relaxing, and there’s no better present than Oasis:skin’s Organic Aromatherapy Oil! It uses organic herbs, flowers, plants, and fruits to create aromatic fragrances that can be applied to the skin for a calming massage session. Oasis:skin is all about maintaining beauty, but with zero-waste and vegan principles in mind. He/she can get pampered knowing that they’re also contributing to the eco-friendly cause!

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 10% off all aromatherapy oils with code “stylemag10” on oasis:skin, no minimum spending required! Valid till 31st December 2019.

12. Handmade Heroes Body Scrub

Treat your self-care loving santee to an all-natural home spa session with Handmade Heroes Body Scrub! Available in 3 types, rose petals, coffee scrub and Himalayan salt scrub, they’re guaranteed to nourish the skin. Make your santee feel extra special this festive season with their Customized Christmas Gift Box where you mix and match from their range of natural and preservative-free skincare!

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 15% off any body scrubs with code “STYLEXMAS” on Handmade Heroes, no minimum spending required! Valid till 31st December 2019.

13. Scalp & Hair Massage Scrub

Scalp & Hair Massage Scrub Scrubs Washing Brush Bathroom Accessories Style Degree Sg Singapore

Showering is a way to destress after a long day of work, so let our Scalp & Hair Massage Scrub elevate your santee’s experience! It has thick bristles that can easily reach the roots for a deeper cleaning, leaving hair fresher than before. Add on to the whole-body relaxing experience with other bath essentials like our Relax Bath Scrub and our Cleansing Bath & Body Scrub!

For The Sweet-toothed

14. Goobycakes Tiramisu Jars

Your dessert-loving santee will certainly love Goobycakes Tiramisu Jars! Goobycakes is a bakery founded by a Singaporean, named after her pet dog Gooby. Her range of tiramisu jars include matcha, speculoos, milo, oreo, and more – perfect for sharing!

If your santee is more into savoury flavours, Goobycakes’s signature Cheese Paos are highly recommended. Plus, Goobycakes has an upcoming sweet treat just in time for Christmas Potluck gathering, which is her ‘Jolly Tidings’ Christmas Tree Stump Kek!

StyleFans Exclusive Promo:
Enjoy a 10% off Tiramisu Jars, Cheese Paos and Christmas Tree Stump Keks with code “SDxgoobycakes” on Goobycakes, with a minimum spending of $30. Valid till 31st December 2019.

For The One Who Loves Cooking

16. Style Degree Magic Hand Pull Chopper & Blender

Magic Hand Pull Chopper & Blender Crank Chop Food Processor Mincer Style Degree Sg Singapore

If your santee is an avid cook, but has been preparing basic ingredients (like garlic and chillis) the traditional way, our Magic Hand Pull Chopper & Blender will change the game for him/her! Put the unchopped food inside, pull on the handle, and let the blades do the work. It’s time-saving and easy to use.

17. Multi-purpose Baking Mixing Bowl & Colander (8pc Set)

Multi-purpose Baking Mixing Bowl & Colander (8pc Set) Bakeware Bake Cooking Accessories Kitchen Style Degree Sg Singapore

For the avid baker, our Multi-purpose Baking Mixing Bowl & Colander will be their long-time assistant! In a convenient set of 8, it has a mixing bowl for batters, a washing colander, measuring cups for ingredients, and a sieve. They’re also stackable, to save valuable kitchen space! Your santee will have a great and convenient time making her treats to share at the Christmas party!

18. Quadra Multi Chopping Board (With Holder)

Quadra Multi Chopping Board (With Holder) Cutting Boards Kitchen Knife Knives Holder Rack Style Degree Sg Singapore

For the santee who wants to keep the environment healthy and cook with cleanliness in mind, the ideal gift will be our Quadra Multi Chopping Board (With Holder)! This comes as a set of 4 chopping boards for cutting vegetables and meat, which allows food to be prepared hygienically without cross contamination. Not only that, the boards are made with natural corn material for eco-friendliness, and has a holder for easy organization.

For The New Mum

19. Lovingly Signed Personalised Christmas Baby Grow

Image source: Lovingly Signed

For your santee’s new bundle of joy, Lovingly Signed has their Personalised Baby Grow! It’s a plain white bodysuit that lets you add your own message to celebrate their baby’s very first Christmas together! Lovingly Signed provides customisable baby gifts for newborn and family, delivered straight to the doorstep.

20. Style Degree Journeyer Stroller Organizer Bag

Journeyer Stroller Organizer Bag Baby Pram Pouch Bag Holder Style Degree Sg Singapore

Your friend may have a kid who’s just starting to go out of the home with them, so our Journeyer Stroller Organizer Bag is the perfect tool to ease their worries! This organizer allows storage of important items like milk bottles, eating utensils, bibs, pacifiers, and other essentials. Your santee will look forward to hassle-free outings with their child!

21. Elizabeth Little Liberty Hairbands

Image source: Elizabeth Little

If your friend has a daughter, Elizabeth Little has the perfect hairband collection for her! Elizabeth Little was founded by Eileen, whose love for liberty prints and sewing led her to start traditionally sewing clothes for her children. This idea created her line of unique and timeless fashion that can be treasured for generations. This range of hairbands has a wide variety of designs with a vintage touch to them, that your santee’s girl will love!

For The New Homeowner

22. Style Degree Glass Fruit Infuser Pitcher Jug

Glass Fruit Infuser Pitcher Jug

Give your santee an exquisite upgrade to their regular water jug with our Glass Fruit Infuser Pitcher Jug. It’s made with sleek, durable borosilicate glass and stainless steel that can hold low to high temperatures. For the ultimate treat, get the Family Set, which consists of 2 glass cups, an oak wood tray organizer, a stainless steel double-sided stirrer, and a pitcher jug brush cleaner.

23. WonderWoodWorld Customised Wood Prints

Singapore Christmas Xmas gift ideas, Christmas gift guide, Singapore homegrown brands, unique practical Christmas gifts, Style Degree, SG (Wonderwood World)
Image source: Wonderwood World

Give your santee a congratulatory wood print from WonderWoodWorld when they host their first housewarming party! WonderWoodWorld’s name comes from a combination of the song ‘What a Wonderful World’ and the idea of preserving memorable moments, but not simply with the click of a camera. The wooden print is customisable, so you can make it extra special by immortalising their Instagram photos on them!

24. wheniwasfour You Tiao Plushies

Image source: wheniwasfour

If your santee is hitched, this set of You Tiao Plushies from wheniwasfour will be perfect for them and their significant other! Inspired by the deep-fried Chinese breakfast food, they’ll make adorable cuddle buddies on the sofa.

25. Style Degree Premier Airtight Rice Box

Premier Airtight Rice Box Rice Boxes Rice Containers Holders Organizers Storage Box Style Degree Sg Singapore

Rice has the meaning of a good harvest and prosperity, so wish your santee abundance with our Premier Airtight Rice Box! Made of a durable material, it ensures stable holding of up to 10kg of rice. Additionally, its airtight seal ensures freshness is maintained, while the rear roller wheels plus translucent lid provide both easy reachability and viewing. It’s a perfect housewarming gift to wish your santee well!

Just One Last Thing!

Style Degree Gift Card Housewarming Gifts Singapore Housewarming Gift Ideas Singapore Sg

Still can’t make up your mind on what to get for your santee? Send a surprise email to your santee with our Style Degree e-gift Card. From home and living essentials to travel organizers, let your choose what they need in their home and travels.

As a thank you for staying till the end, enjoy a 5% off orders above $50 with code “SDxmasGiftGuide” on www.styledegree.sg! Valid till 31s December 2019. #UnwrapHappiness with us soon 🙂

So which of these categories does your santee fall under? We hope these selected items will give you a spark of inspiration, if you have been struggling to decide on getting gifts for your secret santees! Don’t forget to use the StyleFans Exclusive promo attached before time runs out!

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