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10 Ingenious Ways To Transform Your Balcony In Singapore

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Are you looking for ideas to revamp your balcony? Not quite sure how to style it?

Be it HDB, condominium, or executive maisonettes, here are some ideas we’ve collected to help you revamp your balcony to an ideal personal space.

Dos & Don’ts Of Balcony Transformation

Before revamping your balcony, you should be acquainted with what you can and can’t do under Singapore law.

According to the Urban Development Authority (URA), a balcony:

  • Is 15% of the nett internal size per unit 
  • Has a minimum width of 1.5 metres (exceptions made if curved or odd-shaped)

Do note that you cannot enclose your balcony with glass panels or walls. Blinds are allowed as they count as furnishing.

Balcony screens are allowed only if they can be drawn open or retracted fully. It should allow for natural ventilation/airflow within your balcony at all times, even when screens are fully drawn.

 Now that we know the rules, let’s explore potential ideas for your balcony!

1. Create A Balcony Garden

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Give a touch of green to your balcony by turning it into the mini-garden of your dreams.

Prevent your balcony from looking overcrowded and make it easy to care for them by using vertical height.

Some ideas include :

  • Using railing planters — Easier to water plants
  • Having a ladder-style shelf system  – Utilise vertical height fully 
  • Varying pot sizes and colour — Design and shape can frame your plants differently
  • Installing a living wall — Gives life to plain walls. Use crawlers, or decorate with succulents of your choice.

Note: Maintaining your living wall can be costly and requires a set amount of responsibility. If you find taking care of real plants too difficult, use artificial grass instead.

Balcony Garden Plant Ideas For Singapore Homes

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Since Singapore has a tropical climate, here are some factors to consider when choosing your plants:

  • Space — Small areas benefit from large plants, while large areas benefit from small potted plants.
  • Sun Exposure — Consider how much sun exposure your balcony gets (E.g. Succulents and palms benefit from a lot of sun, but ferns will die out)
  • Wind Exposure — Can become an issue for homeowners living on high floors. Consider heavy pots that can withstand strong winds.
  • Temperature & Humidity — Singapore’s weather is warm and humid. Plants like ferns thrive in high humidity. 
  • Family, Pets — If you have young children, look for non-toxic plants in case of accidental ingestion.

Here is a list of potential plants suitable for a balcony garden:

  • Boston fern — Non-toxic, likes indirect sun, high humidity
  • Jade plant — Likes lots of sun, low maintenance
  • Areca palms — Likes humidity, low maintenance
  • Lemongrass — Likes lots of sun, low maintenance
  • Nerve plant — Likes indirect sun, high humidity, should be kept moist

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2. Convert Into A Cozy Spot

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Style your balcony into a cozy spot for you and your loved ones to relax in. Use cushions, light blankets, a small table and a day-bed to make your balcony as comfortable as possible.

Tip: To utilise space efficiently in small balconies, consider built-in seating with storage beneath to store items.

If you’re a bookworm that values maximum comfort while reading, add magazine racks or small shelves to keep reading material for when you want to kick back outdoors.

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Light Up Your Balcony

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Image Source: Pinterest

Create a romantic atmosphere by decorating your balcony with lights by entwining them around balcony grills or on the walls above your sitting area. Place string lights around your plants as a finishing touch.

Tip: Add an urban touch by placing candles in lanterns to set along the side of  your balcony floor.

3. Turn Into A Study Area

Balcony Study Room, Balcony Study Room ideas, Balcony deco ideas, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: HouzBuzz

If you’re tired of sitting in your room while working from home, turn your balcony into a study area for a breath of fresh air.

Customise your personal study by placing a sturdy work table outside. Install wall shelves to store your office supplies and work documents for easy access.

Tip: Get window blinds for your balcony if it has windows so the sun doesn’t reflect off your computer screen

4. Set Up A Balcony Bar

Balcony Bar, Balcony Bar ideas, Balcony Bar decor ideas, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: Qanvast

Setting up a balcony bar is a space-efficient way to style narrow balconies. Take your food and conversation outside by installing a standalone wood table and some stools to designate a new eating area.

Put an ornamental flower vase and some trinkets to personalise and make it yours. 

Tip: If your balcony has a railing, consider a bar table that can be mounted over. It accentuates long narrow balconies better.

5. Create An Outdoor Dining Space

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Here are a few of our suggestions when creating an outdoor dining space:

  • For balconies that connect to the living room, use different floorings to designate the different space
  • Create a mini-kitchen/snack bar 
  • Choose furniture that look cohesive to the balcony wall (E.g. White on white, grey on brown)
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6. Add Functionality With A Balcony Laundry Room

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Make your balcony into a space of utility by creating a balcony laundry room.

Use this extra space to customise your laundry room by:

  • Using shelves to store detergent and fabric softener 
  • Installing a laundry rack on your balcony ceiling to dry more clothing
  • Storing clothes peg baskets and hangers

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7. Extend Your Living Room

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Spruce up your balcony by creating an extended living room.

Below are some suggestions we’ve collected on balcony sitting ideas:

  • Install a balcony chair. Decorate with small cushions of your choice. — Great for individuals who like to rock in place while reading, or just taking a nap
  • Purchase wicker chairs — Good for small balconies
  • Get a pouf or stool — Comes in a variety of colours, is easily movable, and looks great next to plants

Tip: If you have young children, assure that your balcony has child-proof netting.

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8. Make A Unique Play Area For Your Kids

Balcony Play Area, Balcony Play Area ideas, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: Real Living

Make a unique play area at home for your kids can help bring outdoor play indoors! 

Artificial turf and rubber mats are suitable child-safe floorings for them to play on. Other than just the usual kiddie table and doodle board, here are some other items to enhance your play area:

  • Play Tent — To play in the shade for warm days
  • Mini Pool — To be filled up for a mini swim
  • Foam Tile Hopscotch — Colourful and soft to the touch

Tip: Install a child-proof balcony grille for your children to have a safe time in their new play area.

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9. Upgrade To A Personal Gym

Balcony Gym, Balcony Gym ideas, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: Lushome

Designate a spot for your home workouts by revamping your balcony into a personal outdoor gym of your own!

Store your favourite set of weights and yoga mats as a start. For small fitness equipment, use baskets to grab them easily for your next workout. Add potted plants around you to give colour.

Tip: Invest in a canopy to cover more expensive gym equipment like exercise bikes to protect them from faring weather conditions.

10. Indoor ‘Park’ For Pets

Balcony Indoor Park for pets, Balcony pet play area ideas, Balcony pet area ideas, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: TheSprucePets

Too lazy to leave the house to take your pets outside? Then convert your balcony into a mini-park for your pets.

Place artificial turf to mimic outdoor grass and fencing to keep your pets safe. Put their favourite chew toys for them to play with.

Choose non-toxic plants to decorate your balcony with. Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Parlor Palm
  • Calathea Orbifolia
  • Bird’s Nest Fern
  • Polka Dot Plant
  • Prayer Plant

We hope you find these styling tips useful if you ever want to revamp your balcony. What does the ideal balcony look like to you? Let us know down below!

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