10 Best Ways To Maximise Space In Your HDB Service Yard

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Top 10 Tips To Maximise Space In Your HDB Service Yard, Service Yard, Maximise Space, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
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Looking to transform your service yard and make room for more? We’ve compiled some of the best ideas to give you more storage space, lesser obstruction and a brighter home. 

From hacking down walls, to floor-to-ceiling carpentry, these ingenious ideas will have you amazed at what your service yard can look like!

1. Hack Down Your Service Yard Wall

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Hacking down your service yard wall and removing the preinstalled windows and bi-fold door can really open up the space at home. 

It’s also a great way for you to have both a wet and dry kitchen, as seen in the picture above where a sink is installed right across the laundry area to create a wet kitchen. 

Do note that under HDB’s guidelines, you’ll need to get prior approval to hack or demolish any existing internal partition walls (whether partially or fully). Be sure to communicate well with your renovation contractor or interior designer for the submission of the application.

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Hacked Service Yard Wall, Service Yard, Maximise Space, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: Mrs Keir

You can expect a lot of debris, but more often than not, the renovation contractors working on your home will likely clear them weekly. 

At the end of your efforts, you’ll not only be rewarded with a spacious kitchen cum service yard, but also a home that could potentially have higher resale value for the convenience of its great design.

Note: If you cooking regularly in your home and air-dry your laundry, combining the kitchen with the service yard may not be the best option as the food smells might affect your clothes.

2. Install Glass Partitions 

Install Glass Partitions, Service Yard, Brighten Home, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: Qanvast

For HDB BTO homeowners, you would be familiar with the pre-installed window panes and bi-fold doors that come with your flat.

However, if you find the pre-installed ones not visually pleasing, elevate your home design by replacing those with a sleeker floor-to-ceiling glass door and glass partitions.

This lets more light in and instantly brightens up your service yard!

3. Floor-To-Ceiling Built-In Carpentry

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Maximise every inch of vertical space with floor-to-ceiling cabinets that helps in drawing the eyes upwards too, making your service yard seem bigger.

Having plenty of storage space allows you to have cleaning essentials such as brooms, mops and buckets neatly tucked away and out of sight for a pristine home. 

Tip: Opt for foldable laundry essentials so that they can be nicely stowed away when not in use! Utilise wall holders to have your brooms and mops hung neatly for easy access.

4. Build A Counter Over Your Washer

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Don’t let the space above your washing machine go to waste! 

Constructing a counter over your washing machine provides a functional layer for storage, clothes folding and even food preparation if your kitchen extends into the service yard in a galley style.

Floating shelves and over-the-washer racks are alternative options to utilise dead space above the washer,

Tip: Ensure that there’s room at the top and sides of your washer or dryer unit to allow for air circulation.

5. Equip Your Service Yard Practically

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For clothes that typically bleed colour when washed, it might be a good idea to hand wash them separately. That’s where a sink, conveniently located right next to your washing machine would be most useful. Use it for washing shoes, rinsing your cleaning cloths and more.

Other practical features you can consider are:

  • DIY a clothes rail for hanging ironed clothes or for air-drying clothes
  • Having an ironing board
  • A countertop for folding clothes

In addition, installing cabinets strategically all around your service yard can open up a wealth of storage for your laundry detergents, powder and cleaning equipments too.

6. Keep It Organized 

Multi-Tier Laundry Basket (With Wheels) Clothes Storage Trolley Service Yard Organizer Organiser Style Degree Sg Singapore
Ft. Multi-Tier Laundry Basket (With Wheels)

Keeping your laundry area organized can make a world of difference with how much space you have! For a more spacious and airy set-up in your service yard, try these out: 

7. Conceal Your Washers & Dryers 

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If you’re someone who finds bulky hunks of metal unsightly, packing them away in your kitchen cabinets may just be the sweetest option ever! 

Besides keeping them out of sight and dust-free, having this galley-style layout also frees up floor space. This reduces obstruction and makes moving around your kitchen an absolute breeze.

8. Stack Front-Opening Washers 

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Investing in a stackable washer-dryer unit can work wonders in freeing up valuable floor space. 

As a bonus, it also means less bending over for you when doing the laundry! 

For a concealed look, install a sliding or large cupboard door to keep your bulky appliances out of sight.

9. Mount Your Ironing Board To Walls Or Carpentry

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A clever design feature, mounting your ironing board to your walls or carpentry serves as the ultimate space-saver for your home.

When not in use, simply fold it in one swift motion and hide it away!

10. Have A Multi-Purpose Service Yard 

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Who says your service yard space’s function is only limited to doing laundry? There are many ways you can customise your service yard to suit your vibe at home! 

Here are some ideas to help you out with your service yard: 

  • Brighten the space with plants 
  • Turn it into a mini balcony for your afternoon tea
  • Install shelves to create an amazing pantry of food
  • Have an area for shoe storage
  • Add in a handy pegboard to display plants or for storage

Remember that you have all the freedom in the world to make the space uniquely yours, so go for it!

Let us know in the comments below which interior design feature you will be going for to maximise space in your service yard.

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