3 Secrets On Packing Light Ft. Dear Alyne

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Image source: @dearalyne

Alyne Tamir, otherwise known as ‘Dear Alyne’ on Instagram and Facebook makes videos for a social change. She sheds light on cultural and social issues revolving women empowerment around the world, with her videos viewed over a million times on Facebook.

While she has recently set up a home in Singapore with her boyfriend, widely known as ‘Nas Daily’, she is a true globetrotter. As of now, Alyne has travelled to 70 countries, travelling an average of 4 times monthly, creating meaningful video content while she travels.

So, you can be sure she is an expert when it comes to travel packing!

Fun fact: Her favourite Singlish word is “la” and she describes Singapore as a “clean efficient humid greenhouse!”.

Just recently, she organized her first ever Dear Alyne “How To Business 101” Bali Retreat, and we are stoked to be collaborating with her to share with you her 3 secrets to packing light!

1. Clothes

“Pack THIN, Whatever folds the smallest is the winner.” Alyne emphasises.

You might be wondering, what type of clothes does she pack then? We’ll let you in this little secret.

“Yoga pants + shorts + something light and breezy”

Image source: @dearalyne

Yes, that’s it – just the essentials. We wouldn’t deny the versatility of yoga pants, its comfortable, perfect for day wear, night wear and even for an impromptu exercising session while travelling!

Alyne recommends using packing cubes as they help keep clothes compact and organized.

*Bonus*: Alyne’s Style Tip

You might be envious of her OOTDs while she travels around the world. But this is the trick to her fashion style.

She excites that “You can always buy a cute local scarf or dress when you arrive to spice up your photos!”

The next time you see her Instagram post, keep a look out for that new scarf around her neck!

Image source: @dearalyne

2. Beauty

Many will say utilise beauty samples when you travel, because, that way you can use and dispose it right away. While its true, if you have sensitive skin, it is better sticking back to your tried and tested skincare brands.

But if that doesn’t come in samples, Alyne’s rule of thumb is to put them into squeezable containers under 100ml so that you don’t have to check-in a bag. This saves you that extra dollars.

To keep things neat, Alyne allocates individual organizers for hair, skincare and makeup.

“That way when you need any, you can just grab it.” explains Alyne.

3. Shoes

“Always choose sandals over shoes, because that way you don’t have to pack socks.” While it rhymes, this simple logic is something you have to keep in mind when packing!

Shoes, they weigh a ton and take up so much space in your luggage! Alyne usually just pack 1 or 2 pairs of shoes, always wearing the heavier pair and packing the lighter one instead.

If old habits die hard and you’re still overpacking, we’ll leave you with these valuable words from Alyne.

“Remember you have to carry what you pack! It slows you down and costs more to check the bags! You can almost always find what you need in the country.”

Alyne Tamir (2019)

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