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Folding Vs Rolling Clothes – What’s The Best Way For Travel Packing?

Caught in the dilemma of whether to fold or roll your clothes when packing for travels? And wondering exactly which is the best way to make full use of the luggage space?

Read on to discover which way works the best and start adopting the correct way of packing your clothes on your next travel adventure!

1. Folding

When packing for travel, folding works best for structured clothes such as

  • Jeans or any bulky bottoms
  • Dresses (work dresses in particular)
  • Button-down shirts
  • Jackets/Sweaters

You might find that if you roll up a pair of jeans or sweater, it actually takes up more space in your luggage! Hence, folding them is a better alternative to save space.

Folding the Japanese way

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Image Source: MakeSpace

The Japanese way of packing a luggage by Marie Kondo way is to fold your clothes in a way that ends up vertically upright as seen above.

Rather than digging through a stack of clothes that is compressed on top of one another, folding and storing it vertically allows you to view all your clothes at a glance.

One downside to folding is that it causes wrinkles. Fret not, as we have got 2 hacks on how to remove travel winkles without an iron!

How to remove travel wrinkles

Image source: Popsugar

Hack 1 – Give it a steam in your bathroom. Before you take a hot shower, hang your creased clothes on the bathroom door and let the steam do its magic. After showering, pat it and try to smoothen the creases.

Hack 2  Moisten the creased parts by sprinkling water on it. Next, use the hair dryer provided in your hotel to straighten and blow dry it. You’ll be surprised by how effective a hair dryer is to get your clothes wrinkle-free! 

2. Rolling 

The belief that rolling clothes saves space is true!

With rolling, you are able to squeeze out more air spaces within your pieces of clothes, allowing you to maximize your luggage space. Also, less creases can be found on your clothes when you roll them up in your luggage!

Typically, you should roll up

  • T-shirts
  • Long-sleeves
  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Clothes with thinner fabric (e.g satins, silks, thin cotton)

So…what’s the best? Folding or Rolling? 

We would say utilize both ways to pack for your travels in order to make the most out of your luggage space!

Consider the fabric and type of clothes before choosing to fold or roll them. For instance, rolling T-shirts works well in saving space but folding bulky clothes such as jeans is more space-saving. Either way of packing has its own pros and cons!

As clothes tend to move around in your luggage, using clothes organizers helps to keep them secure and neatly packed. It also makes it easier for you to retrieve your items.

Stay well-prepared for your upcoming travel vacation with our range of travel organizers for your toiletries, cosmetics and even additional shopping loots. Not sure how to get started with using travel organizers? Read our Guide To Packing Using Travel Organizers!

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