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13 Creative Ways To Use A Storage Trolley Cart That You Never Thought Of

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When you’re tight on space, a rolling storage cart will be your partner-in-crime. Not only do these simple carts blend in perfectly with any home, but they also allow you to transport your items from room to room without much hassle. 

While these carts are meant to create instant storage space for your home essentials, there are plenty of other uses out there that will just blow your mind. Keep reading and get inspired by these 13 creative storage trolley cart ideas! 

1. Transport Your Cleaning Cart

Remember how you used to corral all your cleaning supplies and tools into a portable caddy or large bucket? Well, this is essentially an upgraded version of that! You can store a lot more items as compared to a caddy and you don’t need to carry the items – simply wheel the cart from room to room.

Elevate your cleaning cart by hanging an over-the-door dustbin at the side or even stick a broom/mop holder to transport larger cleaning tools. With all the cleaning supplies in 1 place, cleaning your house has never been easier.

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2. Have A Portable Garden

This idea is for those of you out there with green thumbs! Create your own portable garden in a storage trolley cart. Line the basket with burlap and gravel before placing the soil and planting your plants. Otherwise, you can fill up the basket with potted plants and succulents.

If you have extra space on the cart, store the gardening supplies and tools so everything is in one place. The amazing thing about this idea is that it allows you to wheel the plants around to find a spot with optimum sunlight.

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3. Use It As A Steamboat Ingredients Cart

Planning to have a steamboat party with your family soon? A storage trolley cart comes in really handy to place extra ingredients or dishes – it frees up dining space for a comfortable dining experience. Additionally, you can easily roll it around if someone wants a certain ingredient!

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You can also store additional supplies such as a ladle, dinnerware or utensils so your guests can conveniently grab them. It’s advisable to have a dustbin there too so they can dispose of any shells easily. 

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4. Create A Pet Bed

Yes, you read that right. You can use a storage trolley cart to create a pet sitting area – all you need to do is place a few blankets or pillows on each tier. As soon as you roll this into the living room, your pets are sure to cosy up in the cart. 

5. Rolling Snack Cart/Bar Cart

Whenever you have guests coming over, load up the storage trolley cart with snacks and drinks. Conveniently wheel it to where the conversation is! Include a permanent marker for guests to write their name on the cup, along with tissues and a hanging dustbin for a fuss-free snacking experience.

Tip: A foldable storage trolley is great if you need additional space. Plus, it folds away neatly when not in use to save space!

6. Expand Desk Space 

To create a productive workspace, there shouldn’t be visual clutter on your desk – you should only place your daily essentials and writing supplies. This is where a storage trolley cart comes in handy; store all your additional supplies in the cart and wheel it next to your desk or underneath it.

You can further organize your supplies by filing books in a book organizer or corralling writing supplies in a stationery holder. Whenever you feel uninspired in your workspace, wheel it to another part of your home to do your work. 

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7. Craft Supplies Station

From stationery to yarn and sewing kit, store your various crafting essentials in a storage trolley cart. 

If you love sewing but lack space in your home to fit a sewing machine, place it at the top tier of the storage cart. The sewing machine is flush with the top of the cart, allowing you to sew with the machine on the cart! If needed, you may roll it next to a table to extend your workspace.

Tip: For extra storage space, consider adding hanging a few hooks at the side of the trolley cart!

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8. Mobile Makeup Vanity

Storage trolley cart to organize makeup, mobile makeup vanity, vanity makeup station, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image source: Pinterest

Don’t have enough vanity space to house all your makeup and beauty tools? Store them neatly in a storage trolley cart. You can utilise clear drawer organizers to separate the different makeup products – it makes getting ready easier in the morning!

Tip: It’s best to apply your makeup under natural sunlight as it gives you the most accurate reflection of your face. With a mobile vanity, you can roll it to a part of your house with the best lighting to get ready.

Apart from makeup products, you can consider keeping accessories or hair tools such as a hairdryer in the cart. 

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9. Store Pantry Essentials

Do you have an overflowing pantry? Adding a storage trolley cart to your kitchen is a great way to instantly create space in your kitchen. Organize the different food categories based on the tiers – for example, the top tier for fresh produce, middle tier for spices and lower tier for seasonings.

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Whip out a label maker and label the different tiers so your family members know where to place back the items after using them. 

A storage trolley cart is also ideal for storing any excess dinnerware that doesn’t fit in your cabinet. It keeps your beautiful chinaware safe from chipping while keeping it accessible at all times.

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10. Corral Your Laundry Supplies

Make laundry day easier by corralling the various supplies such as detergent bottles, fabric softeners, laundry bags, hangers, clips or even a laundry rod into a storage trolley cart! It reduces clutter in the laundry space and you can conveniently roll it around if needed. 

If you aren’t a fan of the big, bulky detergent packaging, transfer it into a clear detergent bottle – it reduces visual clutter while making it easier for you to pour the detergent into your washing machine. Don’t forget to label it so you don’t use the wrong detergent! 

Tip: Stack your hangers neatly in a hanger organizer to prevent any tangles from happening!

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11. Make A Useful Nightstand

Instead of using a basic nightstand, why not switch things up by using a storage trolley cart as a nightstand? It’s a spacious option if you need plenty of space to store your items – from lamps, alarm clocks, books, and even a glass of water.

What’s even more amazing is that you can wheel the cart away so it’s easier for you to sweep the floor! 

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12. Extra Bathroom Storage

If your bathroom lacks storage space, store all your extra toiletries such as toilet paper, cotton pads or shower gel refills on a storage trolley cart. Place it in an area where you can easily reach it – whether you’re from the shower, sink or the toilet.

It’s also a great way to organize your guest supplies; stock it up with fresh linen and any other toiletries your guest might need.

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13. Use It For Baby Supplies

Create a nursery cart with all your baby essentials in one place – it makes changing time easier for mums. Place it next to the changing station or conveniently wheel it to any parts of the house where you’ll be changing your baby’s diapers.

You can also use it to store their toys, books or even clothes. Having all of these items centralised will make life so much easier for you!

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Storage trolley carts are very useful and versatile furniture to have at home. There are limitless ways you can use this item. What makes it even greater is that you can change it up anytime – if you don’t like it as a nightstand, you can use it as a bar cart next!

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