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Time-saving Ironing Hacks For The Busy Homeowner

Ironing is a chore that always seems to linger on the to-do list, waiting for the perfect moment when you have enough time and energy to tackle it.

But what if we told you that there are some clever hacks that can not only make ironing more efficient but also save you precious time? Read on to find out.

1. The Aluminum Foil Hack

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You might not have guessed it, but a small sheet of aluminum foil placed underneath your ironing board cover can drastically boost your iron’s efficiency.

Here’s how to set it up:

  • Start by removing your ironing board cover.
  • Cut a piece of aluminum foil slightly larger than the size of your ironing board’s surface.
  • Smooth out the foil and place it flat on the ironing board.
  • Secure the foil in place by placing your ironing board cover back over it.

How does it work? Aluminum foil is an excellent heat conductor, and when placed beneath your ironing board cover, it acts as a heat reflector, sending heat back up to the underside of your clothing. This straighten out wrinkles from the front and the back of your garments simultaneously.

2. Iron Clothes in Batches

Group clothes by fabric type and iron them in batches. For instance, tackle all your dress shirts at once, then move on to pants, and so on. Start with garments that require lower heat settings, moving on to those that need higher temperatures.

This prevents constant temperature adjustments and ensures a more efficient ironing session.

3. Misting For Stubborn Wrinkles

For those persistent, hard-to-budge wrinkles, a simple mist of water can work wonders.

Keep a spray bottle filled with water handy as you iron. When you encounter a stubborn wrinkle that just won’t quit, give it a light spritz with water. This moisture helps to relax the fabric, making it more pliable and easier to smooth out with your iron.

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4. Invest in a Folding Ironing Board

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One of the most significant time-saving hacks for ironing is investing in a folding ironing board. Traditional ironing boards can be bulky and take up valuable space in your home.

A folding ironing board, on the other hand, is a space-saving marvel. It can be easily stored in a closet or under a bed, and when you need it, simply unfold and set it up in seconds anywhere.

Our SmoothGlide™ Foldable Ironing Board comes with thoughtful features for the homeowner:

  • Compact Design: Folds up for easy storage
  • 10mm Thick Ironing Cover: Compared to the industry standard of 5mm
  • Expandable Iron Rest & Iron Storage Compartment
  • Anti-slip Leg Paddings: Sturdy to iron on bed, table, or floor

5. Hang Strategically & Fold Neatly

As you iron, use hangers to hang clothes immediately after they’re wrinkle-free. This prevents the freshly ironed fabric from getting re-wrinkled while you work on the rest of your laundry.

Also, neatly folded clothes are less likely to develop deep wrinkles, and when you do need to wear them, a quick shake and hang can often suffice.

Folding clothes along their existing seams and natural lines can help maintain the garment’s shape and reduce the need for ironing when you decide to wear it again.

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6. Steam Power: Hang Clothes in the Bathroom

For garments that only need a light touch-up, consider using your bathroom as a makeshift steaming station.

Hang your clothes on towel racks while you take a hot shower. The steam generated during your shower will help relax the fabric fibers, making it easier to smooth out wrinkles.

This method can be especially handy for delicate fabrics that you’d rather not subject to direct heat.

Ironing may never become your favorite activity, but with these tricks up your sleeve, it can become a manageable and efficient one.

Say goodbye to wrinkles, reclaim your time, and step out in style with freshly pressed clothes.

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