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Helpful Advice For Hosting In A Small Home

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With HDB BTOs, and condominiums getting smaller, living in a small apartment can be a challenge, especially when it comes to hosting guests.

It can be hard to know where to put everyone and how to make the space feel welcoming. However, with a little creativity and some thoughtful planning, it’s possible to host in a small apartment and create an enjoyable and comfortable experience for your guests.

Here are some tips for hosting in a small apartment.

1. Plan Ahead

The key to hosting in a small apartment is to plan ahead.

Consider the number of guests you’ll be hosting and what kind of event you’re having.

Will it be a sit-down dinner or a casual cocktail party? Once you have an idea of what you’re planning, you can start to think about how to arrange the space.

2. Clear The Clutter

Clearing the clutter is an essential step to hosting in a small apartment.

Remove any unnecessary items from the room, such as extra furniture, boxes, or other clutter.

This will create more space for your guests and make the room feel more inviting.

3. Create Seating Areas

To make the most of your space, create seating areas in different parts of the room. This will encourage your guests to move around and mingle.

Use furniture pieces such as ottomans, and benches (piano benches are great too) to create cozy seating areas.

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6. Serve Food & Drinks Strategically

When serving food and drinks, think about the flow of the room. Set up a separate area for drinks and snacks, such as a bar cart or side table. This will keep the food and drinks out of the way and make the room feel more organized.

Tip: Determine your table based on the plate size, not the space size. The larger the party, the smaller the plate size. 

When more people are gathered, chances are your guests might end up standing or perching around the arm of a sofa. An appetizer plate just works better with finger foods layered strategically around the room.

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4. Use Vertical Space

In a small apartment, it’s important to use every inch of space you have.

Consider using shelves, hooks, trolleys, and other storage solutions to take advantage of your vertical space. This will free up floor space and make the room feel more open.

Tip: Create a bag drop zone using a coat rack and a large storage bin. Put it near the entryway where it will be out of the way from the main gathering area to free up space.

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5. Decorate Strategically

When it comes to decorating, be strategic. Use light-colored furniture and decor to make the room feel more open and airy. Consider using mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of more space. Use decorative pieces sparingly, so as not to overcrowd the room.

With some planning and creativity, it’s possible to create a welcoming and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Don’t stress yourself out over it and remember to have fun while preparing to host your friends and family over!

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