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Common Beginner Organizing Mistakes To Avoid

1. Thinking that there’s only one way to organize

Consider your personal needs and lifestyle habits. Everyone has different needs and there are different ways to organize any given space.

Take your time to research and explore various organizing solutions before weighing what would eventually help you to elevate your space to its fullest potential. 

Always come back to the question “What’s the purpose of me organizing?”.

Do you aim to contain the chaos, be clearer with where things are stored, or achieve an aesthetically pleasing look?

2. Setting a high-maintenance organizing system

If you are simply not a neat person in nature, you need to create more forgiving organizing systems and work around them.

Micro organizing systems such as folding every single item in neat piles and categorising every item to clear piles perhaps just don’t work for you. Think at a macro level instead. For instance, use larger storage bins where you can toss items such as socks, and undergarments in with just a quick fold.

In another manner, if decanting every item into storage containers is too high maintenance for you, you can still use sealing clips to secure items in their original packaging. Group them into macro piles and use a larger storage bin to corral them together. Don’t simply shove items in cabinets.

3. Not decluttering before organizing

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Declutter first. Why so? This gives you a better understanding of how much you need to organize and what type of organizer you would need to contain them. It helps in getting rid of unwanted items previously shoved at the back of cabinets too.

For instance, going through your drawer and decluttering first allows you to know what kind of drawer organizer bins you need to separate out the different categories. 

You may also already have storage bins that could be reused! 

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4. Not creating storage space for organization 

A common mistake people make is to try to get organized when they are already living within limited confines. Add an additional storage drawer, a wall shelf, or a kitchen shelf that blends into whatever you currently have. 

Current closet getting too full? Consider having an open clothes rack to store frequently used garments or a dresser for smaller garments such as fitness wear and shorts. This way you wouldn’t have to constantly squeeze items in your already maxed-out closet. 

Sometimes increasing your storage space can help you to get organized easily.

It’s hard to be 100% organized all the time. But with the right organizing systems in place, keeping things back in order takes lesser time and saves you fewer headaches.

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