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Ultimate Cleaning Tools & Supplies Checklist For Your Part-time Cleaner

Ulimate Cleaning Tools & Supplies Checklist For Cleaner (Style Degree x Helpling)

Finally booked a part-time cleaner to give your home a much-needed deep cleaning? Before you sit back and relax, take some time to prepare the correct cleaning tools and supplies for your part-timer cleaner.

Follow along with our must-have list of cleaning tools and supplies and download our free downloadable checklist at the end!

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General Rules When You Engage A Part-time Cleaner

  1. If there are particular tasks that require prioritisation or are extremely important to you, communicate them to the cleaner at the very beginning. This is to avoid any miscommunication on the expectations required. 
  2. Be reasonable on what needs to be done within the hours booked. If there are numerous areas that require deep cleaning, spilt it up into various sessions.

For The Entire Home

Basic chores include vacuuming and mopping floors. Sanitising high-touch surfaces such as light switches, door handles, and TV remotes is also important to keep germs away.

If you see dust starting to accumulate on fixtures such as ceiling fans, pendant lights and window blinds, equip the part-timer cleaner with extendable cleaning tools so they wouldn’t need to climb to reach.

Cleaning tools required:

Minimalist Pail & Bucket (3pc Set)


Anti-Scratch Mirror & Glass Cleaning Cloth (2pc Set)


Pristine Extendable & Bendable Duster


Protective Dishwashing & Bathroom Gloves


Spin & Clean Magic Mop (With Bucket)


Window Blind & Screen Brush Cleaner


Cleaning solutions required:

  • Floor cleaner (choose solution according to your floor material)
  • Antibacterial all-purpose surface cleaner

Tip: Store all cleaning tools and products in a dedicated storage caddy for your part-timer helper to carry them around your home easily.

Compartmentalised Stackable Storage Caddy


Easy Carry Toiletries Basket


Starter Kit: Pristine Interchangeable Cleaning Series

From: $64.10

For Living Room

Common cleaning in the living room involves vacuuming upholstery, carpet, and changing cushion cases. 

Wiping of furniture surfaces range from the coffee table, entryway cabinet, TV console, and mirrors. You might also require the cleaning of home decor items such as vases, photo frames, and more as dust tend to accumulate overtime.

Tip: If you would like the part-timer cleaner to clean behind bulky furniture such as an entryway console table, do move the furniture slightly forward before the session begins.

Cleaning tools required:

Anti-Scratch Mirror & Glass Cleaning Cloth (2pc Set)


Microfiber Home & Kitchen Cloth (2pc Set)

Cleaning solutions required:

  • Antibacterial all-purpose surface cleaner

For Bathroom

The moist environment in bathrooms makes the occurrence of mold, hard water stains, and mildew extremely prevalent.

Scrubbing of bathroom basin, sink faucet, grout, toilet bowl, and the showerhead is required regularly to get rid of germs and bacteria while keeping their shine. 

Regular cleaning of water stains on mirrors and glass shower screens prevents hard water stains from forming too.

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Cleaning tools required:

2-in-1 Toilet Dustbin & Bowl Scrub


Anti-Scratch Mirror & Glass Cleaning Cloth (2pc Set)


Minimalist Window & Mirror Squeegee Wiper


Pristine 180º Floor Scrub


Cleaning solutions required:

  • Toilet bowl cleaner 
  • Tile and grout cleaner 
  • Glass and mirror cleaner

For Kitchen

If you adopt daily clean-as-you-go habits when you cook, your part-timer cleaner could simply help you to spot clean appliances (e.g microwave, oven interior, boiler/water dispenser, coffee machine), kitchen accessories (e.g condiment holders, utensils holder, dish rack), and the exterior of kitchen cabinets and fridge. 

Other greasy and germy areas include the kitchen hood, stovetops, backsplashes, and kitchen sink. These will require more attention from your part-time helper.

Cleaning tools required:

Easy Refillable Sponge Scrub (With Handle)


Microfiber Home & Kitchen Cloth (2pc Set)

Minimalist Large Spray Bottle


Multi-Functional Mini Cleaning Brush


Sink & Mirror Mini Squeegee Wiper


Cleaning solutions required:

  • Antibacterial all-purpose cleaner
  • Stovetop cleaner
  • Oven cleaner
  • Stainless steel cleaner or baking soda 
  • Rust and limescale remover

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For Bedroom

A part-timer helper will often help in changing bed linen weekly.

Communicate to them where to get clean bedsheets, place dirty ones, and if she/he should help run the washing machine for you. 

The other cleaning required would be giving your bedside and vanity table a wipe down to remove dirt, dust, and stains.

Multi-Tier Laundry Basket (With Wheels)


Collapsible Portable Hanging Laundry Basket


Cleaning tools required:

Cleaning solutions required:

  • Antibacterial all-purpose cleaner

Free Downloadable Cleaning Supplies Checklist

Cleaning Tools & Supplies Free Checklist For Part-time Cleaner, Cleaning Checklist For Helper, Style Degree, Singapore, SG

Click here to download our interactive checklist, save it on your phone or print it out.

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