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12 Creative HDB Entryway Ideas – Because First Impressions Count

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An underrated area, the entryway is the first space you enter when you get home. How you design and decorate it is crucial as it sets the overall mood of the house. Get inspired from our list of entryway ideas (that are more than just a shoe rack)!

1. Infuse Japanese Style With A Genkan Entryway

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Common in traditional Japanese homes, a genkan is where you remove your shoes before entering the house. They are usually recessed into the floor to contain dirt tracked from the outside. This separates the ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ zone, which prevents you from soiling the rest of the house with your shoes. 

If you want to follow the Asian household tradition of keeping shoes outside, this is definitely a unique entryway design to consider.

2. Bring In Patterned Flooring

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Another unique way to zone an open entryway is to incorporate a distinctive patterned flooring. As with any space, flooring with patterns or motifs are a fun way to jazz up the entryway. 

Here are some flooring types you can consider based on what you’re going for: 

  • Hexagonal tiles: For a creative twist, seamlessly transition your tiles to the next flooring with an organic, staggered edge.
  • Colourful patterned flooring: Get checkered flooring or brightly coloured tiles for an eccentric entrance.
  • Herringbone flooring: A classic and elegant option, use herringbone flooring in neutral colours like wood, white or grey. 

3. Have A Feature Wall

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‘Wow’ your guests with a dramatic feature wall as they enter your home. Besides repainting or adding wallpaper, you can also add texture to your current walls by adding pannellings. An easy way to switch it up without making too much change. 

4. Use A Partition

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While an open entryway gives your home an airy and spacious feel, people passing by can peek into your home and see your every move. A partition can solve this, giving your home a slight element of privacy. It also keeps messy shoes out of sight from the living room. 

A common choice of partition is a solid plastered wall, which can make the entryway look dark and gloomy. However, there are ways to let some light in while still keeping the living area hidden. Here are some partition ideas to do this: 

  • Use textured glass like fluted, frosted or reed glass
  • Opt for wooden or metal slats, works vertically or horizontally
  • Add a shoe rack, bench or shelf at the bottom half for functionality

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Privacy and a touch of old-school charm? Bring in the breeze blocks. This is another great option for a partition if you dig the retro vibe.

5. Install Built-In Storage

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If you don’t like a cluttered entryway or want to hide your ugly bomb shelter door, install built-in storage. These built-in cabinets make the most out of vertical space as they stretch from floor to ceiling, so no space is wasted. Opt for textured and seamless cabinets to double as a feature wall! 

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6. Create A Drop-Off Zone

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Delegate a space as a landing space for keys, purses, jackets and mail. They make it convenient to grab essentials on the way out or store back when you get home. 

Full length mirror in entryway, Entryway with full length mirror, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: Behance

Tip: Placing a full-length mirror in the entryway can make the entryway look bigger.

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7. Display Your Bicycles

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Finding the right space for your bicycles can be challenging especially in small HDBs. How about making them part of the entryway decor? Display them in full glory on your walls, horizontally or vertically, depending on how many bikes you have. It’s easier to bring in and out of the house too as it’s right at your door.

8. Spacious Foyer Turned Mini-Lobby

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For larger entryways, turn them into a cute mini-lobby by enclosing them with glass panels, or even a door.

9. Display Items On Floating Shelves

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Be it to display your travel knick knacks, sneaker collection or just simple decor, fill up empty walls with floating wall shelves. This is especially suitable for decorating long and narrow entryways.

10. Homemade Art/Photo Gallery

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Have a walkthrough art or photo gallery right in your entryway! Display your favourite family photos and reminisce as you walk down, or your favourite paintings for a sophisticated look. 

Tip: A long rug creates a more elongated look in narrow entryways, which can make it look much bigger.

11. Go Sports Mode

Mini golf course entryway, Entryway with mini golf course, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: Her World

In the end, this is your home. Infuse your hobbies and interests with an eccentric entryway that just shouts ‘you’! Enjoy golfing on the weekends? Turn the entryway into a mini golf course! Or, install a basketball hoop and shoot hoops on the way out. 

12. Colour Block Painted Wall Arch

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If you’ve seen colour block arches on Pinterest or Instagram, this might be something you want to try out in your own home! Create an artistic focal point in the entryway with a bold colour block arch. Place a mirror snuggly in the middle or delegate that area as a drop-off zone. 

Blue painted entryway, Entryway with blue walls and ceiling, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.

Image Source: Liznylon

Alternatively, you could paint the entryway walls and ceiling too! Choose whether you want it a bold colour to contrast the house, or a neutral colour for a seamless transition.

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Which entryway idea caught your eye? Will you be using any of these in your home? Tell us in the comments below! 

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