8 Walk-in Wardrobe Organization Ideas For HDB & Condo

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Complaints about a messy closet/wardrobe and having insufficient space to fit in all your shopping buys, we have heard it all.

There are many types of wardrobes in Singapore, from sliding door wardrobes to walk-in wardrobes. No matter which type of wardrobe you have at home, these tips are sure to help you get your wardrobe in order in no time!

Learn how to not only organize but also maximise your wardrobe space in your HDB or condominium to the fullest!

1. Use Wardrobe Organizers For Intimates

Rectangle Closet & Desk Organizer Box Wardrobe Storage Undergarment Underwear Ties Accessories Holder Style Degree Sg Singapore
Ft. Rectangle Closet & Desk Organizer Box

When storing your intimates, utilise compartmentalised storage to keep them neat and tangle-free. They’re simple to use and easy to maintain – anyone can have their undergarments, bras and panties arranged tidily!

These storage organizers are best placed in the drawers of your wardrobes; it keeps them hidden and untangled.

Do you know how to fold your undergarments properly? Watch our IG video to learn how to fold your lingerie and keep it organized!

2. Have Dedicated Organizers For Accessories

Accessories Multi Hanger
Ft. Accessories Multi Hanger

If you have messy piles of scarves, hijabs, belts and ties in your drawers, hang it up neatly in your wardrobe using our Accessories Multi Hanger – it gives you an easy view of what accessories you have. 

However, if you have too many hijabs, hanging it on a hanger might not be ideal. An alternative would be utilising storage bins or wall pocket organizers – just roll up your scarf and file it in the box! 

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Tip: Separate your hijabs based on your preferred categories such as print, colour or occasion. For those that you wear daily, keep it in a separate box so you can access them easily. 

We know that women and bags are inseparable. So to keep your prized possession organized, utilise hanging bag organizers to neatly tuck away your handbags in your walk-in wardrobe.

3. Hang Multiple Clothes On 1 Hanger

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Ft. Ladder Clothes Hanger

Do you find yourself using too many hangers just for your bottoms? You can maximise your wardrobe space by utilising space-saving hangers such as multi clothes or collapsible hangers – they can hold more than 1 clothing item at a time!

Arrange your bottoms by colour or type, depending on your preference. For example, denim on 1 hanger and formal trousers on another.

Closet hacks to maximise space, ideas to maximise wardrobe space, diy closet organization, soda tab hanger hack, small closet hacks, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.
Image source: The Shabby Creek Cottage

DIY Hack: Use tabs from your canned drink to create more hanging space! Simply loop 1 hole of the tab through the hanger and slip another hanger in the bottom hole.

4. Use Uniform Hangers For An Organized Look

Everyday Non-Damaging Clothes Hanger (5pc Set) Closet Wardrobe Hangers Laundry Style Degree Sg Singapore
Ft. Everyday Non-Damaging Clothes Hanger (5pc Set)

This simple organization tip will make a huge difference to your overall wardrobe organization. Using uniform hangers help your wardrobe look neat and coordinated.

Remember to choose hangers of the same shape, type and preferably colour too. This tip helps in making your closet look organized effortlessly!

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5. Categorise Your Clothes

Closet organization hacks, closet organization ideas, how to arrange wardrobe neatly, sort clothes by colour in closet, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.
Image source: Moodfit

Sorting your clothes properly will help you find your clothing pieces easily. Organize your clothes in a system that makes sense for you. If you aren’t sure how to start categorising your clothes, here are some ideas:

  • Category followed by colour: Group all your like clothes together (shirts, dresses, blouses) and arrange them according to colour. This method creates an organized wardrobe and saves you time when you’re getting dressed in the morning.
  • Length of clothing: Create a visually organized wardrobe by hanging your clothes from the longest to the shortest. Start with hanging your longer clothing pieces on the far left, working your way horizontally to the right with your shorter pieces.

6. Hang, Roll Or Fold?

Marie Kondo Tips Konmari method singapore sg
Ft. Essentials Storage Box

Are you lost as to which clothes you should hang, fold or roll? If you don’t have too much space to work with, hang up your delicate (skirts, dresses) and sturdy (suits, coats) clothing items.

For your denim and sweaters, fold in and stack it up on a shelf. It’s advisable to fold your sweaters and knitwear as it might lose its shape when hung up. Folding your clothes also reduces wrinkles and creases in your clothes.

Tip: Use shelf dividers to prevent your folded clothes pile from sliding into another pile and creating a mess!

T-shirts, pyjamas and workout clothes can be rolled and stored either in your drawer or a storage box. You can also fold and store your clothes upright as per the Marie Kondo way! 

“When it comes to storage, vertical is best.”

– Marie Kondo

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7. Place Frequently-Used Clothes At Eye-Level

clothes organization hack, how to organize closet, how to arrange clothes in wardrobe, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag.
Image Source: iStock

To maintain an organized wardrobe, hang your frequently worn clothes in front and centre of your wardrobe to keep it accessible. This prevents you from rummaging your wardrobe and wasting your organizing efforts.

Tip: Prepare and plan your outfits with our Outfitter Clothes Hanger to avoid messing up your wardrobe’s organization.

For clothes that require folding, it can be hard to keep it neat and organized. The ‘cheat way’ of ensuring that it stays neat at all times comes with the help of our Easy Reach Clothes Organizer (5pc Set). Lift and retrieve your clothes in a fuss-free manner with an easy-to-grasp tab!

8. Stow Seasonal Items Separately

Canvas Quilt Clothes Storage Bag Box Closet Wardrobe Bedding Solution Style Degree Sg Singapore
Ft. Canvas Quilt & Clothes Storage Bag

Save precious wardrobe space by keeping seasonal items such as thermal wear, winter jackets in storage bags and stow them at the top compartments of your wardrobe or underneath your bed to cleverly utilise space!

Similarly, extra bed sheets, pillows and blankets should be stored separately in a dedicated space.

Rather than complaining about a messy closet/wardrobe, act on it. Start by optimising your space with the right hangers, keeping in mind the important organization tips and rules.

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Which organization idea had you go “wow”? Let us know in the comments below!

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