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Best Housewarming Gifts That Your Friends Would Surely Love

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Housewarming gift shopping is often fun and satisfying when you eventually see your friends/family smiles and laughter!

Need housewarming gift ideas for your upcoming parties? Scroll down to get inspired with our list of practical housewarming gifts.

1. Homeowners All-time Favourites

We round up the essentials that our customers loved all year round (& they keep coming back for more)!

They have gotten the stamp of approval from many homeowners and we’re certain that they will make great housewarming gifts.

We won’t be surprised if you start adding them to your homes instead of gifting them away!

Classy Fluted Airtight Rice Box


Rattanly Ceramic Coaster Set (6pc With Holder)


Rattanly Round Mosaic Tray

Retro Pantry Storage Containers (3pc Set)


Scandinavian Mini Herb & Condiments Containers


Weaver Laundry & Toys Storage Basket


Pantry Gift Set Airtight Containers Dried Goods Snacks Baking Needs Spices Powder Pantry Essentials Kitchen Essentials Kitchen Needs Style Degree Sg Singapore

Check out our range of Gift Sets – featuring practical pantry containers and nifty cleaning tools. All that a new homeowner needs.

2. Home Organization Starter kits

Gift your friends practical home organization essentials that will last a lifetime in their home.

With our starter kits, your friends get more while you save thoughtfully, definitely a win-win situation! Our starter kits covering different areas of the home, from the kitchen, fridge, closet, and more, they are bound to love these functional home organization essentials!

Starter Kit: Closet

From: $103.30

Starter Kit: Kitchen Under Sink

From: $153.34

Starter Kit: Laundry

From: $144.33

Starter Kit: Pristine Interchangeable Cleaning Series

From: $64.10

View all of our exclusive Starter Kits here.

3. Extraordinary Gifts

Stand out from the crowd and have your friend go “ooh and wow” with these home essentials!

Their unique design and features will help to simplify any homeowners life and keep their homes organized.

Dual Sliding Under Sink & Countertop Storage Organizer


All-In-One Stackable Fridge Storage Box (6pc Set)


Coastal Stackable Bowl With Airtight Lid


Everyday Refillable Soap Bottle


Magnetic Kitchen Towel Fridge Holder


Rise & Shine Toothpaste Dispenser


Spacious Knife & Board Multi Holder


4. Gifts Under $20

Stun your friend with gifts that would come in handy for their home! Practical and affordable gifts are the best combination, isn’t it?

Earthly Drink Coaster (6pc Set With Holder)

Lights Switch Sticker Labels (WHITE)

Nordic Silicone Dining Placemat


Oishii Airtight Glass Jar (With Spoon Holder)


Patterns Table Runner


5. Think Less With An e-Gift Card

Style Degree Birthday e-gift card present

When you can’t make up your mind, or simply haven’t found the time to shop for presents, our Style Degree e-Gift Card would be perfect!

What’s more, you can type a personalised message to your special someone and he/she will receive a surprise email from you. Let them choose to their heart’s content whatever will be useful for them without a hassle!

Style Degree e-Gift Card (Homewarming)


Style Degree e-Gift Card (Birthday Confetti)


However, if you still prefer giving an extra personal touch, gifting a hand-written card would be great too. Simply opt for our physical gift card set instead!

Style Degree Sg Gift Card Message

With these housewarming gifts in hand, we know that you’ll be able to bring happiness to your friend 🙂 Witness the excitement as he/she unwraps the gifts and put them into use immediately!

Share with us which gifts you have chosen for your friend’s housewarming parties in the comments below!

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