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6 Common Types Of Clutter Homeowners Should Avoid

Clutter. Mess. Untidiness.

Clutter is a broad term, but do you know that there are 6 common types of clutter?

Understand the types of clutter and learn how to avoid them with our tips below!

1. Aspirational Clutter

Always wanted to be that skillful, talented and knowledgeable person you see on social media? Aspirational clutter comes about when you try to be a different you, buying things (a.k.a aspirational possessions) to fuel your dreams.

Look back at the pieces of baking equipment collecting dust at the corner of your kitchen cabinets. Or that forgotten violin in your storeroom. Those hobbies only lasted for a few weeks, didn’t it?

How to prevent aspirational clutter

While it’s always good to have goals to work towards, be honest about yourself.

“Is my fantasy self based off others or does it come solely from myself?”

2. Abundance Clutter

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The infamous “stockpiling” results in an unnecessary abundance clutter in your home.

While it’s alright to bulk purchase daily necessities such as bathroom supplies (e.g tissues, toilet paper, etc.) if you have storage space for them, it isn’t the same for perishables.

Always remember, food expires quickly. Your taste and preferences change over time too! If you don’t organize your groceries properly, you will be left with loads of hidden expired food at the back of your cabinets.

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3. The Homeless Clutter

Those “stuff” you have without a place to live in.

To get rid of clutter scattered at different areas in your home, create a storage space for them. Place it where you normally use it for easy retrieval of items.

Storage tip: Opt for clear/transculent containers if you prefer knowing what’s in them at a glance.

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4. Sentimental Clutter

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An old dress or inherited item from your grandma you can’t let go of because of the memories tied to it? Undoubtedly, sentimental clutter is the hardest to let go.

The key is to focus on what to keep, not on what to discard. If you truly love the item, as with Marie Kondo’s “Does it spark joy?”, keep it.

Here’re some tips to get through your sentimental clutter:

  • Digitalize it. Take photographs and create a photo album on your phone so that you can always look back at it! Alternatively, create a scrapbook that consists of your sentimental gift cards.
  • Overcome guilt. Instead, give sincere appreciation to the item, thanking it for the role it has played when you’ve decided to discard it. This helps in reducing guilt.
  • Donate to a meaningful organization. For instance, donating children’s clothes and toys to the less privileged to benefit them.

5. Bargain Clutter

Freebies and sales are the cause of bargain clutter. Impulse buying without considering if you need it, not want it, and having the mentality that “this deal is too good not to get anything from it!”

However, what you don’t realise is – you already have the same item/ similar item of the same purpose sitting in your home unused yet!

How to avoid bargain clutter

Ask yourself “Will I really use it?” Finish what you have left still in your home before purchasing even more.

6. Trash Clutter

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They belong in the bin but have not been trashed because… you just haven’t found the time to do it.

Common trash clutter includes newspapers, magazines, expired food, items that are beyond repair, and junk mail.

How to avoid trash clutter

Set strict duration rules to determine how long you will keep them. For instance, newspapers and magazines have to be recycled/sold to the rag-and-bone man weekly to prevent them from piling up. Once items are spoilt and beyond repair, trash them within a week.

Are you guilty of such types of clutter? Now that you are aware of these, make it a point to avoid these clutter from claiming a spot in your home

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