8 Organizing Mistakes Homeowners Often Make & How To Fix Them

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8 Organizing Mistakes Singapore Homeowners Often Make & How To Fix Them, Style Degree, SIngapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: New Idea Food & Ft. Design Your Own Kitchen & Desk Organizer

Wondering why you can’t seem to achieve an organized and neat home, even with repeated organizing sessions? Sometimes making some minor tweaks to the way you go about the organizing process can make all the difference! 

Here, we’ve rounded up eight common organizing mistakes at home and how you can rectify the errors to achieve better results. 

Read on to learn how to achieve an organized and happier home!

Mistake 1: Constantly Putting Organization Off

Procrastination, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: Loma Linda University Health

Organizing and decluttering may not be the most fun or important of activities to you. But if you’re determined to achieve the home of your dreams, then you have to buckle down and get started. 

Set aside a block period each day that you will spend on organizing. Even just 10 minutes daily can make a huge difference over time. 

Having a goal and a plan before you begin can also keep you motivated, particularly when you start to lose steam in the middle of the process. 

Before organizing,

  • Close your eyes and imagine the final look of the space
  • Have bite-sized organizing goals for each room in your home (e.g. Clearing of kitchen cabinets today and the fridge tomorrow)
  • Set up a system for your clutter (e.g. separate piles for donating, selling or throwing)

Need a system to get started? Try out our Clutter Hotspots Challenge, which includes a printable checklist of 40 clutter hotspots at home to get you going. 

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Mistake 2: Buying Organizers Before Decluttering

Mass Buying Organizers, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag

While home organizers are our speciality at Style Degree, we come in at the end of the organizing process. It’s important to ensure that you’ve decluttered before purchasing organizers so that you don’t feel even more overwhelmed!

Hence, go through all your belongings and discard unused or unwanted items first. After you’ve narrowed down the clutter, you’ll have a better idea of the quantity and type of organizers you actually need.

With organizers and storage boxes coming in various kinds, here’s an overview of the common types for homes.

Storage box container, Storage box for homes, Storage boxes, Style Degree, SG, Singapore, StyleMag

If you aren’t sure what to get, in general, consider the purpose of the box in your home. This includes the functionality you need from it, such as wheels for easy moving, compartments for categorisation or handles for greater portability. 

The material of the box makes a difference as well. Opaque materials are perfect for hiding mess, while transparent boxes make identification of contents easy.

For all our tips on thinking out of the box when choosing your box, read our StyleMag guide How To Choose The Right Storage Container Box For Singapore Homes!

Mistake 3: Not Sorting By Category Or Size

Not Sorting By Category Or Size, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Ft. Weaver Basket Organizer & Ft. Capsule Dual Opening Makeup Storage Organizer

Don’t just chuck everything into your organizers because their placement matters as well! Sort items by category and size, for example:

  • Fill your makeup organizer by height (e.g. lipsticks in front & brushes behind)
  • Arrange books from tallest to shortest on shelves 
  • Sort crockery by type (e.g. ceramics, glassware)

You can also further subcategorise within your organizer with additional bins, baskets or dividers to visually separate out essentials and keep items well segregated.

Mistake 4: Stacking All Your Clothes Or Crockery

Stacking Clothes & Plates, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Ft. Essentials Storage Box (With Lid)

Always struggling to find your favourite shirt amidst piles of stacked clothing? Stop wasting time reorganizing tumbling towers of clothing by storing them vertically instead. 

Besides making it easier for you to view all your clothing options at a glance, it also eliminates the problem of mess created when getting garments from the bottom of a pile. 

Learn how to KonMari your way to a vertically-organized drawer in this video!

But if stacking is still your go-to method due to space constraints, our Easy Reach Clothes Organizer can help keep garments accessible, while preventing mess at the same time!

Easy Reach Clothes Organizer Shirts Organizers Organiser Closet Wardrobe Organization Style Degree Sg Singapore
Ft. Easy Reach Clothes Organizer (5pc Set)

Note: Some clothes will do better when hung instead of folded. Hang materials that crease easily (silk, linen, cotton, satin) and keep heavier items folded to prevent stretching them out. 

This idea of filing and not stacking applies to your kitchen as well! Keep plates vertical with our useful Scandinavian Dinnerware Organizer to save space and improve reachability. And minimise lid clutter with our Scandinavian Triple Layer Lid Holder for lesser mess and greater accessibility.

Mistake 5: Keeping Too Many Things On The Counter

Keeping Too Many Things On The Counter, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: Good Housekeeping

Avoid having cluttered kitchen counters. Only leave appliances and equipment that you use daily to make things more convenient for you. Other infrequently used or large decorative serving pieces should be kept away. 

Always remember to store essentials in cabinets nearest to their area of use for increased efficiency. For instance, pots and pans to be kept in shelves beneath the stove, while baking goods can be limited to only the cabinets by the oven.

Explore our range of Kitchen Racks & Organizers here.

Mistake 6: Filling Kitchen Cabinets At Random

Filling Kitchen Cabinets Randomly, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: New Idea Food & Ft. Fridge & Cabinet Organizer With Label (2pc Set)

If you’re one to leave all your pantry mess behind closed cabinet doors, you’re not alone. Although seemingly neat on the outside, the mess inside can create inefficiencies when you are looking for particular items. 

This is where setting up a good organization system can help you reduce the time spent searching, and channel it towards other activities like whipping up a great meal.

Try reorganizing your cabinets such that essentials and condiments that are used daily (e.g. cooking oil if you cook regularly) are placed in front. A Lazy Susan Turntable is best suited for condiment storage.

Labelling food storage containers along with its date of expiry and purchase can also work wonders in giving you an easier time when decluttering.

Beyond just the cabinets, you can use organizational zoning to help plot what you do in each space within your kitchen. This will allow you to figure out the best place to house each kitchen essential.

Kitchen zoning, Home organizing, organizational zoning, home organization tips, Marie Kondo, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: Pinterest

Be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on organizational zoning to learn more!

Mistake 7: Not Using Standardised Containers

Not Standardising Containers, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: Foodbank of Northwest Indiana & Ft. Staples & Snacks Airtight Container

Leaving groceries and dried goods in their original packaging make it difficult for you to gauge what you still have or are running short of. 

Besides the visual mess, it also makes organizing bothersome because packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Plus, expiry dates are often printed small and are hard to see on dark packaging.

Instead, simply make your life easier with a set of standardised food containers that are well-labelled with the contents, date of purchase and date of expiry of each item. 

For a standardised look, check out our useful labels for: 

Note: Some foods, like condiments or canned goods, are better left in their original packaging. Hygienically categorise and organize them with a covered and stackable box instead.

Mistake 8: Using Opaque Fridge Containers

Using Opaque Fridge Containers, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag
Image source: Good Housekeeping & Ft. Klear 2-Way Fridge Storage Box

When it comes to fridge organization, visibility should be key! 

If you’re using opaque containers for grocery storage, swap it out for some clear storage bins instead. This allows you to view its contents easily and also ensures you won’t have food going bad because you’ve forgotten about it. 

Periodically rearrange items in the fridge to ensure the older groceries are brought forward. You can also try setting up a storage bin for ‘Expiring Goods’ so that you’ll be able to keep track of what needs to be consumed first!

And as always, be sure to pack and group similar items like canned drinks or fruits together for a neater fridge.

Explore our range of Fridge Organizers for better storage.

Also check out on StyleMag: 15 Foods That Don’t Have To Be Refrigerated

To Summarise

Organizing Mistakes Summary Infographic, Organizing Mistakes, Home Organization, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag

Organizing is tough work, and it’s perfectly fine to learn as you go along. We hope these tips have helped you realise how you can change up your organizing routine for a cleaner and happier home.

Also check out on StyleMag: Home Organizing & Decluttering Tips For Left And Right Brainers

Do drop us a comment down below on what you’re going to be including in your home organization process based on the eight tips shared and good luck!

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