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HDB Interior Design Styles Young Homeowners Love (Other Than Scandi)

HDB Interior Design Styles Young Homeowners Love Other Than Scandinavian Interior Design, Style Degree, Singapore, SG, StyleMag

Just got the keys to your new HDB flat but unsure what style of interior design you should go for? Don’t be tempted to go for a mainstream Scandinavian look before exploring the many other aesthetic interior design styles out there! 

From a beachy coastal style, to a rugged industrial look, let us walk you through interior design styles that are rapidly rising in popularity amongst other young HDB homeowners in Singapore.

1. Modern Farmhouse Style

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Does the idea of a warm, relaxed style with a touch of sophistication speak to you? If so, you might enjoy the idea of a modern farmhouse interior design! 

What is a modern farmhouse style?

Inspired by the look of rustic farms, a farmhouse look is typically built upon practical furnishings and natural shades. Go for a neutral palette (e.g. beige, brown) to create a naturistic vibe.

Elements of a modern farmhouse look

  1. Wood elements: Help create the atmosphere of being in a barnhouse, especially when paired with shaker style kitchen cabinets and wooden ceiling beans on pitched roof
  2. Barn door on metal rails: A sliding barn door adds some unique charm and completes the barnhouse look
  3. Modern and vintage furniture: Mirrors the typical mishmash of items you may stumble upon in a well-loved farmhouse
  4. Stainless steel & industrial-style elements: Provides texture and a touch of modernity. Add them to your kitchen lights, accessories and appliances.
  • Stainless Steel Stackable Rack Kitchen Cabinet Pots Pans Countertop Bathroom Shelf Style Degree Sg Singapore
    Stainless Steel Stackable Rack
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    Gold Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

2. Modern Luxury Style

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Understated elegance paired with clean crisp lines all around, modern luxury interior design is all about creating a deluxe space that you’ll be proud to call home!

What is a modern luxury style?

A modern luxury style home is characterised by the use of elegant and quality elements to create a luxe interior. However, elements shouldn’t be overly showy or dramatic! 

Elements of a modern luxury look

  1. Dark colours: Create a mellow and soothing ambience in a modern luxury styled space
  2. Gold accenting: Contrasts well against dark shades to bring out the splendour and luxe of your home
  3. Dark feature walls with glossy accents: The eye-catching shine of glossy accents reflect light and draw attention to the unique dark wall. The reflected light also brightens the space, creating an inviting feeling
  4. Clean-lined furniture & harmonised colour scheme: Allows your home to retain an understated elegance at all times

3. Hamptons Style

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The Hamptons is a string of seaside villages that serve as a holiday haven to the rich on the East Coast of the USA. If you can’t get enough of the beach, bring that easy-breezy tropical setting back home with some Hamptons styling! 

What is a Hamptons style?

This style draws inspiration from being a luxury beach retreat for entertaining, and as such can create a welcoming atmosphere in your home!

What are the elements of a Hamptons look?

  1. Predominantly white: To create a bright and grand space
  2. Layered light tones & shades: Draw inspiration from the beach or ocean. For instance, soft furnishing that encompasses sea blues and greens, or soft neutrals like yellow.
  3. Upholstered furniture: Bring on the glamour with sofas or armchairs. A button-back piece of upholstery is a classic Hamptons style look.
  4. Natural elements: In line with the beach look, and also enhances the colour palette. Keep an eye out for pieces made of timber, leather, linen, cotton and wool to tastefully add on to the inviting nature of a bright hamptons style home.
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    Oishii Wooden Tray
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    The Scandinavian Entryway Shoe Rack Bench

4. Coastal Style

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Ride the wave and give your home a year-round vacation look with a laid-back coastal style (also referred to as nautical style). 

What is a coastal style?

Inspired by the beach and waves as well, the coastal style of interior design is rather similar to the Hamptons style. 

However, while a Hamptons style is typically more luxe and refined, a coastal style home has a more relaxed feel to it. Coastal style homes also give you more freedom for styling with miscellaneous trinkets like seashells for decoration as well!

Elements of a coastal look

  1. Palette of blues: From deep navy, to marine shades or light pastel blues. Try to keep it as natural and pleasing to the eye as possible.
  2. Beach-themed decor: Driftwood-inspired furniture, seashells, seaweed, portholes, buoys or even a ship steering wheel are just some of the ideas for creating a lighthearted and nautical feel!
  3. Natural lighting: Try to create as much open space as possible, and let natural light pour in to simulate a bright and sunny day out .

5. Eclectic Style

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For those who can’t make a decision on one style that you love best, the eclectic style may just be for you!

What is an eclectic style?

The eclectic style is characterised by the freedom to incorporate pieces from different periods and styles. By mixing both old and new against a neutral coloured background (e.g. white or beige), a unique but stylish look is created. 

Elements of an eclectic style

  1. A focal point: An accent wall or bold decorative piece can help to ground all the bright and vibrant pieces, incorporating them into an aesthetic and singular look
  2. Rough & smooth textures: Throwing a shaggy cushion on your sofa can help the room appear more dynamic

Tip: To ensure the overall look of your home remains cohesive, be sure to use one texture at least three times in different places in your living area!

If you’re intrigued by this style, be sure to check out our Eclectic Series that’ll definitely add a pop of colour to your home!

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    Eclectic Hexagon Fruit Basket
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    Eclectic Adjustable Wall Hanger

6. Industrial Style

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Concrete flooring, piping and exposed wiring may not sound too glamorous. But when done right, it can create a cool and very utilitarian space that not many others can say they have at home! 

What is an industrial style?

An industrial styling of your home will typically draw reference from the raw and lofty look of warehouses, factories or other industrial buildings. 

Elements of an industrial style

  1. Stripped back architectural details: Walls and surfaces can be constructed with bare bricks, metals and wood
  2. Exposed wiring, piping & spotlights: Closely mirror the less refined interior of a warehouse

One added benefit of this style is the flexibility it offers in creating a design that is uniquely yours. 

In Singapore HDBs, we typically find ourselves puzzling over what to do about the unsightly blast door of bomb shelters. An industrial-styled home will do quite the opposite, as the huge metal door now adds to the industrial feel of your home. Killing two birds with one stone!

Bomb Shelter, Interior Design, Industrial Style, Style Degree. Singapore, SG, StyleMag

Image source: Pinterest

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7. Mid-Century Modern

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Can’t decide if you love past or present home styling trends more? Have the best of both worlds with a mid-century modern home!

What is a mid-century modern style?

Mid-century modern homes draw upon both past and present influences in interior design. It is a bold take on styling that will help you create a somewhat retro and vintage but also highly functional modern home. 

Elements of a mid-century modern style

  1. Practical elements & geometric patterns: Creates interesting contrast that’s visually appealing
  2. Vintage pieces: A great way to incorporate the influence of past styling trends in your home
  3. Clean lines & natural hues: Natural materials like wood can feature prominently as a show of natural beauty
  4. Sophisticated darker tones or bright eclectic shades: Tie everything together with either one dominant colour, or a large central piece that everything else in the room complements

8. Bohemian Style

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The word ‘bohemian’ means one who is socially unconventional, especially an individual involved in the arts. If you feel that this describes you, then a bohemian-styled home may sound very appealing!

What is a bohemian style?

Bright, bold and expressive. Bohemian style is one that allows you to have unbridled fun with layering a variety of textures, colours and patterns! It draws upon the uniqueness and artful creativity of individuals to create a visually-exciting and rich space. 

Elements of a bohemian style

  1. A warm & earthy base colour: Allows freedom to layer up with bright colours without having the space be overly loud 
  2. Deep jewel shades: Brings out a deluxe, yet comforting feel
  3. Leafy plants: Help to add colour and vibrancy without taking away from the relaxing vibe of the space
  4. Layering: Textures (e.g. woven textile), patterns and colours. For instance, patterned carpets or rugs that have cultural value to you, or a ruffled cushion

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We hope these interior design ideas that go beyond just regular Scandinavian interiors have inspired you on your renovation journey!

But for those whose hearts are set on a minimalist or Scandinavian interior design, we have some useful guides to help you create your dream home! Check out: 

Let us know what style you loved best in the comments down below. 

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