Secrets To Keeping Your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh

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fruits and vegetables fresh in fridge how to keep vegetables fresh longer

Your greatest fear when buying back fruits and vegetables from the supermarket is undeniably finding out that they have turned bad only after a few days!

Not only does it cost you money, it costs unnecessary food wastage.

Here are 3 secret tips on how you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh in your fridge for a longer time.

Psst… it involves some science to it, but we’ve simplified it so that any homeowner can understand it!

1. Store these produce separately from one another

fruits that emit ethylene gas, vegetables that is sensitive to ethylene gas
List adapted from Full Plate Living

You wonder, “Why are my fruits and veggies going bad so quickly despite placing them in the fridge?”.

Did you know that…

Fruits such as apples, bananas, pears (as seen above) produce ethylene gas. According to Gardening Know How, ethylene gas in fruits is produced from a naturally occurring process resulting from the ripening of the fruit, or may be produced when plants are injured in some way.

This gas speeds up the ripening process and causes produce such as veggies which are ethylene-sensitive to turn yellow faster when placed at close proximity to fruits that emit ethylene gas.

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Therefore, in order to keep your produce fresh and crisp for a longer time, keep your fruits and vegetables in separate drawers of your fridge!

2. Remove mold-inducing moisture in your fridge

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Having excess moisture in your fridge also causes your fruits and vegetables to spoil faster and encourages bacterial growth.

Our compact Freshly Dehumidifier which comes with a carbon mineral pouch is great for absorbing unwanted moisture and removing odour in your fridge. It also serves the same benefit when placed in your wooden wardrobe/closet.

Tip: To prevent moisture from building up, always remember to keep your food stored in food containers. Do not leave your leftovers exposed inside the fridge.

3. Do not overcrowd your fridge

A disorganized fridge packed with produce to the brim is another common problem homeowners are faced with.

Not only does it make finding your items a tough job, an overcrowded fridge hinders air circulation which causes fruits and veggies to spoil even faster. As your fridge would need to work harder to ensure there is cold air in it, energy efficiency levels drops. Don’t lead yourself into footing higher electricity bills!

Check out our related StyleMag article on How To Organize Your Fridge & Keep It Clean if you need guidance on how to achieve a uncluttered refrigerator!

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Now that you have learnt the secrets to keeping your fruit and vegetables fresh for a longer period of time, try them out and share with us your experience in the comments below!

Hooray to fresh produce that lasting longer at your home now!

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