Top 26 Home Organizers For Singapore Homeowners

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Home organizers for homeowners,

In Singapore, there isn’t much space in the home to put all the essentials you need. It’s easy to accumulate clutter, especially in the tight confines of a HDB or Condo apartment.

If you’re planning to do some decluttering work around to maximise space, these handy organizers may be just what you need to maintain the new spick and span look of your house! Here’s a roundup of our top 26 selection of home organizers for Singapore homeowners, handpicked by us to help you get organized!

Click on the different sections to navigate directly to the top selection of organizers for each part of your home!

Kitchen Organizers

1. An All-in-one Holder For Your Kitchen Towels

Scandinavian Magnetic Fridge Holder Holders Refrigerator Wall Organizer Organiser Style Degree Sg Singapore

With our Scandinavian Magnetic Fridge Holder, you won’t have to worry about lack of space to place your kitchen paper rolls or hand towels! It comes with 6 built-in hooks at the bottom layer, allowing you to hook your oven mitts, and even cooking utensils too. Perfect for small kitchen spaces!

2. Keeping Your Kitchen Drawers Clutter Free

A kitchen drawer with no storage compartments means a mess, so our Clear Tray & Drawer Organizer is perfect for preventing that! It has different sizes, so you can store your various kitchen essentials like wooden spoons and ladles for cooking, or forks and spoons for eating.

3.  Extendable Racks To Maximise Space In Your Kitchen Cabinet

Extendable Kitchen Rack Organizer Cabinet Tabletop Organiser Pot Pans Utensils Holder Style Degree Sg Singapore

Maximize storage space in the cabinet when you use our Extendable Kitchen Rack Organizer! Its unique, dual-layer design allows you to extend it to twice the length, so you can put your pots, pans, and even plates on top or below, while remaining space-saving and accessible at the same time.

4. A Turntable To Make Your Condiments Accessible

Lazy Susan Turntable Rotating table Singapore sg, kitchen organization, organisation, herbs and spices holder, condiment holder, style degree

If your condiments and spices are often hard to reach, our Lazy Susan Turntable can instantly make them accessible! Simply place it at the front corner of your cabinet, and fill it with your favourite bottles of herbs, spices, and powders!

5. Utilise Space Under The Sink & On The Counter

Sliding Under Sink & Countertop Storage Organizer Kitchen Rack Organiser Box Style Degree Sg

Having to arrange various bottles and containers in the cabinet constantly can be a taxing job. Our Sliding Under Sink & Countertop Storage Organizer eases that pain by having tilted racks and a sliding base, which improves reachability for your bottles, plastic containers and smaller items. With this ultimate organizer, arranging your kitchen essentials will be more convenient than ever!

6. Clear Your Countertop

2-Tier Microwave Kitchen Rack Storage Countertop Oven Style Degree Sg Singapore

Fretting over your ovens taking up valuable kitchen countertop space? With our 2-Tier Microwave Rack, that will be a thing of the past! It has an extra layer on top, so you have extra storage space. It comes with built-in side hanging hooks, so you can hang your oven mitts and hand towels too.

7. Keep Your Sink Area Neat With A Towel & Sponge Holder

Featuring an all-in-one design, our Grande Sponge & Towel Holder lets you organize your towels, sponges and soap bottles in one place. It also has a sliding tray to collect excess water for disposal. Say goodbye to messy and damp sinks!

Wardrobe/Closet Organizers

8. Use A Clothes Organizer For Easy Access

Easy Reach Clothes Organizer Shirts Organizers Organiser Closet Wardrobe Organization Style Degree Sg Singapore

It’s tiring to pick up freshly folded clothes, only to crumple them again. Our Easy Reach Clothes Organizer will help you eradicate that hassle! It has slots that allow you to place clothes on and in between. While removing your outfit, you won’t mess up the wardrobe either!

9. Undergarment Organizers To Prevent Overcrowding

Essentials Undergarment Closet Organizer, closet organization, mutli compartment, organisation, wardrobe organisation, accessories, panties, underwear, ties, belts, organizer, organiser, style degree, singapore, sg

Constantly not having space to store your intimates, socks, and ties is a pain. The good news is, our Essentials Undergarment Closet Organizer offers more storage! Featuring multiple compartments, you can store your undergarment essentials without cluttering your drawer and closet. Plus, you can fold up the organizer when it’s not in use, providing more space!

10. Make More Room For Your Clothes In The Closet

Ladder Clothes Hanger, hangers for home, home accessories, laundry homes for home, clothes hangers, closet organization, wardrobe organisation, organiser, organizer, home improvement, home improvements, style degree sg singapore

It’s disheartening when your closet hanging rod runs out of space, but our Ladder Clothes Hanger offers a new angle! It makes use of vertical arrangement, and is perfect for hanging your pants, jeans, shorts, and even ties.

11. Storage Bags For Unused Apparel

Canvas Quilt & Clothes Storage Bag Bags Blankets Organizer Organiser Style Degree Sg Singapore

If you have blankets or clothes that don’t need to be used for the humid weather in Singapore, our Canvas Quilt & Clothes Storage Bag will work wonders! Its large, spacious design allows you to store not just your clothing and sheets, but also toys and extra intimates. Your wardrobe will never get messy again.

12. Use Vertical Space For Your Handbags

Purse & Handbag Closet Organizer wardrobe Organizers Slim Bags Organiser Holder Style Degree Sg Singapore

Tidy up your handbag collection with our Purse & Handbag Closet Organizer! It utilizes vertical stacking, with slots that can hold the handbags you want to use for the week. Plus, it comes with a hook to hang your bags, along with clear protective film to prevent dust and surface damage.

Desk Organizers

13. Say Goodbye To Desk Mess With Customizable, Multifunctional Organizers

Customizable Organizer for Stationary and Papers, Style Degree, Sg, Singapore StyleMag

Having to sort through paper clutter? No thanks. Kick desk mess away with our Customisable Stationary & Document Desk Organizer! It has two detachable storage containers for your stationary essentials like pens, highlighters, and notepads. The slots below let you fit your notebooks, cards, and important paperwork as well!

14. Always Find Your Beauty Essentials In One Place

Snowy 360° Rotating Makeup Organizer Cosmetic Desk Organiser Style Degree Sg Singapore

If your desk in a bedroom is full of your jewelry, makeup, and cream bottles that you don’t know where to store, our Snowy 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer is for you! It has adjustable compartment slots, so you can fit in your favourite tubes, bottles, and beauty blenders. Also, it features a rotatable base, you’ll be able to access your cosmetic essentials easily.

15. Prevent Your Cables From Tangling Up

Minimalist Cable Management Box, organisation, organization, home cable organisation, home accessories, phone wires management, charging wire box, style degree, singapore sg

The struggle that comes with trying to untangle cables is real. Our Minimalist Cable Management Box will solve that problem right away! It’s designed to protect your charging cables and wires, and keep them neat at the same time. Now you can enjoy hassle-free charging anytime.

Bathroom Organizers

16. Organize Your Morning Routine Essentials

exquisitor toothpaste toothbrush cup mug holder toilet bathroom home decor living style degree sg singapore

Does your sink gets cluttered with your toothbrushes and toothpastes? Our Exquisitor Toothbrush & Paste Holder is the perfect solution! Not only does it have 2 convenient cups for your morning essentials, it also has a toothpaste compartment that doubles as a squeezer. You won’t need to spend precious minutes squeezing out toothpaste with this handy holder!

17. Make Bathroom Wall Corners Accessible

Kurve Corner Bathroom Wall HolderHolders Organizer Organiser Style Degree Sg Singapore

Bathing essentials can crowd precious area in your bathroom, so our Kurve Corner Bathroom Wall Holder will solve that issue. It can also improve reachability when lined along the corners, so your shower will be much smoother!

18. A Wall Holder For Your Hairdryer

Hairdryer Wall Holder (With Cable Organizer) Dyson Makeup Bathroom Toilet Organizer Organiser Style Degree Sg Singapore

Traveling to and fro from the bathroom to the bedroom just to dry your hair takes up extra time. With our Hairdryer Wall Holder, you can simply install it in the bathroom, and save these few seconds! It also comes with a cable organizer hook, so your sink area can still have a neat look.

19. Convenient Scrub & Toiletries Organizers To Hold Cleaning Essentials

Scrub & Toiletries Bathroom Wall Holder Toilet Bowl Scrubber Toilet Brush Organizer Organiser Style Degree Sg Singapore

Our Scrub & Toiletries Bathroom Wall Holder serves as the all-in-one item for your toilet cleaning essentials. It features compartments for the included toilet brush scrub and bottled cleaners!

Service Yard/Laundry Room Organizers

20. Keep Your Laundry Essentials In One Place

Scandinavian Washing Machine Magnetic Rack Laundry Basket Organizer Holder Style Degree Sg Singapore

Having your laundry essentials all over the place can make each session daunting. With our Scandinavian Washing Machine Magnetic Rack, everything will be in one place and accessible! It features compartments to keep your detergent, fabric softener, and even bars to hang your gloves and brushes from. Every laundry session will now be seamless!

21. An Organizer For Your Laundry Hangers & Clips

Hanger & Clips Organizer Laundry Hangers Pegs Holder Rack Style Degree Sg Singapore

Once you have our Hanger & Clips Organizer, you’ll never lose a laundry clothes peg or hanger again! The holder keeps your hangers and clothespins in one space, with a rack for your hangers and a frame to clip your clothespins.

22. Laundry & Detergent Powder Holders For A Smoother Laundry Round

Easy Laundry Powder & Detergent Holder Container Bottle Washing Machine Style Degree Sg Singaproe

Are your laundry powders and detergents always at risk of spillages? Our Easy Laundry Powder & Detergent Holder will say goodbye to that for you! With a slider opening for a safer, tighter seal, and a clear body for easy viewing, your laundry process will be made much easier!

Entryway Organizers

23. An Extendable Rack For The Shoes That Don’t Fit

Extendable Shoe Rack Organizer Organizers Organiser Living Accessories Style Degree Sg Singapore

Our Extendable Shoe Rack Organizer allows you to double the space in your shoe cabinet! As the name suggests, this organizer is adjustable and accommodates any shoe rack. It’s perfect for school shoes, flip flops, and other footwear you own!

24. A Place To Put Your Shoes Upright

Ascend Shoe Rack (Slim Design) Racks Organizer Footwear Organiser Storage Slippers Style Degree Sg Singapore

Open up more space in your entryway with our Ascend Shoe Rack! This handy rack allows you to store your footwear vertically, which saves space and keeps your doorstep well organized.

25. Prevent Unsightly Umbrellas & Slippery Wet Floors

entryway umbrella stand holder rack organizer organiser home deco living container style degree sg singapore

On rainy days, umbrellas laid out across the entryways can be an eyesore, as well as dangerous because of the excess water. Our Entryway Umbrella Stand & Holder helps hold and organize your wet umbrellas, whether big or small. It also has a tray below to collect excess rain water, so you don’t have to spend excess time mopping away!

Bedroom Organizers

26. For Electronic Gadgets Needing A Home

aircon remote control holder, table organisation, home improvement, home improvements, remote control holder, coffee table remote control holder, home accessories, home organization, organisation, desk organiser, stationeries organiser, bathroom organiser, organizer, Luxe Remote Control Holder style degree sg singapore

With our Luxe Remote Control Holder, keep mess away from your bedroom ledge! Use it to keep your air-con control, TV remote, pens, or power bank. Its minimalist look will also add a sleek touch to your bedroom!

We hope you liked the selection of organizers, and that you found a few that suits your needs and set you on the path to a well-kept home! Which organizer was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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