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6 Interior Design Styles For Singapore Homes

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“How should I decorate my home? Which style should I go for? What colour palette should I follow?”

These are questions homeowners often get vexed about when it comes to building a new home. While there are countless home inspiration sites and Pinterest mood boards on home decor, it is undeniably overwhelming searching through for inspiration.

For a start, it is always good to know the different home decor styles available. In this way, you can eliminate styles that would not be desirable for you and come to a final decision. Get inspired by these 6 home decor styles and pick one or simply mix and match styles!

1. Scandinavian

We often hear about Scandinavian-style homes, but what exactly entails it? According to an article by Pine Tribe, these are 5 important elements that make up a Scandinavian design – simplicity, lighting, white (with pops of colour), wood and an inviting space for entertaining guests.

The Scandinavians rests on the “Lagom” way of life which means not too much, not too little, just right. Hence, a Scandinavian style home would focus on creating simple, bright spaces with clean lines.

2. Bohemian

If you love all things tribal, the Bohemian style home decor would suit you perfectly. Textured rugs, beddings with tribal patterns give a warm contrast and a relaxing, laid-back feeling to your home.

3. Minimalist

The minimalism design has been rising in popularity over the years due to its simple, clean and pleasing design. Having white spaces and clutter-free spaces are important aspects of minimalistic design. Every piece of furniture flows well with one another, thus giving off a balanced and inviting look.

4. Industrial

“Rustic” is perhaps the best word to describe an industrial look. Some common characteristics of an industrial design include brick walls, concrete flooring, steel home accessories (e.g bicycles, exposed pipes) to give off a rustic vibe.

5. Modern

Classic and elegance makes up the modern home decor style. Decked with details such as a neutral colour palette (e.g beige, brown, grey) and the use of natural materials (e.g leather, woods), it gives an off an overall warm yet stylish look.

6. Eclectic

If you are someone that likes to mix and match styles, colours and trends, the eclectic interior design style would fit you to a T. For instance, combine antique and an eye-catching contemporary design together to give a fresh and unique look to your home.

Ultimately, home decor is just like a piece of art – what matters most is that you and your family loves it! Let your creativity go wild, mix and match different styles to build a home that you can call it uniquely yours. We hoped that these 6 home decor styles provided you inspiration to design your dream home!

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