2022 Ultimate Guide To BTO Door Opening & Moving In Ceremony

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BTO Door Opening Ceremony Rituals Checklist Feng Shui, after key collection singapore style degree, sg

Congratulations! It is another milestone reached after collecting the keys to your new dream home!

You would have heard from friends and families on what to do for your BTO door opening and moving in ceremony.

However, if you are still clueless over the multiple things you have to do, read on as we will guide you through it.

To keep things simple, we have broken each ceremony into 4 stages which you can find in the free downloadable printables below!

  1. Things to prepare beforehand
  2. Before & while entering
  3. After entering
  4. Post ceremony

Disclaimer: We do acknowledge that different religions, races and families may have different beliefs and way of doing things. Hence, there is no hard and fast rule towards these ceremonies/rituals. Ultimately, follow what makes you comfortable and happy with!

1. BTO door opening ceremony

Collecting your home keys and having the first look into your new nest. Your heart is definitely brimming with excitement and happiness isn’t it?

Usher in good luck, prosperity and everlasting happiness by following these steps.

Depending on your personal beliefs, you can take a look at the annual Chinese Almanac to select an auspicious day and time to enter your new home.

Click here to download the A4 size printable. 

Print this comprehensive BTO door opening ceremony checklist and use it as a guide when you prepare for it!

BTO Door Opening Ceremony Rituals Checklist Feng Shui, after key collectionsingapore style degree, sg

2. Moving in ceremony after renovation

Before moving in, pick an auspicious date and timing to move in. Similarly, you can take a look at the annual Chinese Almanac to make a decision.

Wear new clothes on the day of move in. Similar to how you usually wear new clothes on the first day of Chinese New year, it symbolises the start of a brand new beginning!

Click here to download the A4 size printable.

Print out this comprehensive moving in ceremony checklist and use it as a guide when you prepare to start a new lease of life in your new home!

Moving in ceremony Singapore after renovation after reno, Rituals for moving into new home, bto, new home, singapore, sg, style degree

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